Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yesterday? Not so good.

I attempted a 30/30 rowing/treadmill workout yesterday morning and barely got past 10 minutes on the rower before I had to quit. Slight chest pain, nothing to worry about, and a general sense of malaise, and I gave up before I'd barely started. I hope to do better today.

It's fr-fr-freezing cold! Well, actually, it's quite a bit less than freezing [23 degrees!] right now. So the intentional activity will most definitely be of the indoor variety. Today might be the day to try one of those DVDs I bought recently.

Food yesterday was fine, though.

I started a post about the big debate going on regarding America's obesity epidemic. I actually care less about the condition of America's waistline than I do my own, selfish bitch that I am, but I do read my Google News Alerts about obesity, just to see if there are any new developments that might be useful, interesting or blow all the current theories out of the water.

Nothing so far. Eating less and moving more are touted to be the keys to reducing girth, last time I checked. I've been trying that for several years, but have not, in the past, made quite such a determined effort to eliminate refined sugar and white flour as I have since the beginning of this year. That, combined with increased intentional exercise, has been the magic formula. And I'm still only losing weight at the rate of 1.3 pounds per week.

I'll take it. It's better than staying the same or continuing to pack on the pounds.

When I was trying to write that other post, I thought about the diet industry, of which I am now and have been for years, a consumer.
Just as the pharmaceutical industry is more interested in treating your symptoms than in preventing or curing disease, the weight-loss industry has a financial stake in making sure we continue to want to pay for their help in losing weight.

Follow the money. If Miracle Weight-Loss Pill ABC really worked, wouldn't we all be taking it and wouldn't we all be thin? If Spectacular Diet Plan XYZ was the answer, why are we all still looking for a different one, one that works? Just as one size doesn't really fit all, one plan/pill/method doesn't fit all, either. I had to find what worked for me. Right now, a low-glycemic plan is working. But my body could turn on me in one or three or six months. It's happened before. Is it built into the plan that you'll enjoy some initial success and then stop making progress?

Who knows ...

Today, I'm feeling a little subdued and disheartened for some reason. I'm impatient and unsettled. I'd like to get back on the same horse I was on a month or so ago, full of enthusiasm and hope and energy.

Maybe tomorrow. Or, if I'm lucky, maybe an hour from now.

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