Monday, March 20, 2006

Don't you just love Prince?

More than life itself.

I've been enjoying VH1 and VH1 Classic while I work out on the rowing machine and treadmill. A nudge of the remote and I can almost always find music to sweat to, instead of a commercial. [You know how much I love commericals by now, don't you?]

I have already downloaded Prince's newest single "Black Sweat" to the Shuffle, but a couple of days ago I saw the video for the first time.

The man does not have a wrinkle on his face. He will be 48 years old this year, and there Are. No. Wrinkles.

I happen to think he's talented beyond words, but you probably could have guessed that. I think I'll go dig up the other Prince CDs I have and download even more Princely goodness to Little-Miss-Helps-Me-Walk [aka the Shuffle].

Did you see who was at the early NCAA game yesterday? I thought he was in France. I'm sure he'd rather be at the game than home watching commercials! [Yes, I wrote to the CBS sports division. And I also write to my congressman and senators when I think they need to hear my opinion.] Brad won, by the way, in a stunning and thrilling upset. And so did West Virginia, although not in a stunning and thrilling upset. It was thrilling, though, watching their lead dwindle from 25 to 8 or 9 toward the end of the game.

Notice I didn't say watching them. All I could do was watch the score at the top of the screen, because neither of the feeds cared enough to show the WVU game to me. I think Thursday we will have all the feeds to ourselves, considering there are only eight games to be played this week.

I haven't mentioned the knitting in a while. The FLAK sleeves are finished, but I haven't taken photos yet, and the instructions for the rest of the sweater haven't been made available by the knitalong hostess. By the time this is posted I'll have finished [or nearly finished] knitting a pair of clogs pour moi. Felting follows. And, I'm going to make some of these adorable little bunnies for four babies/toddlers in my life, including the just-born twins. Finally! A decision! They take so little time to make, and are so sweet, especially for little girls, which all four of these children are.

Oh, yeah. Weigh-in was this morning. One more pound banished to wherever extra pounds end up. Am I excited?
Hell, yes!

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