Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Go ahead. Make my day.

I mentioned the plans for the new sweater [the purple swatch] on a list a couple days ago, including what my modifications would be. One member wrote back and said it sounded like I was designing a whole new sweater! She's right – what I really liked about the pattern I pointed to was the stitch pattern. Everything else is going to be different. Hope to wash and dry the swatch today.

Yesterday I took two walks, mopped the acre of floor and lifted weights. I also teach a class at the prison on Monday nights which means another half-mile carrying a supply bag that weighs – I kid you not – 16 pounds. I am woman; hear me roar.

Food, on the other hand, was so-so. I rarely eat in the evening, but for some reason I was ravenous when I got home from jail. I had some low-fat cheddar [I just can't call it Cheddar] with a serving of Triscuits. That put me over the 1200-calorie limit, but it wasn't too bad as far as snacks go, and certainly could have been worse. I have both Easter candy and peanut butter ice cream within striking distance!

So Marla asked yesterday who the model/dancer/actress is in Prince's 'Black Sweat' video? Anybody know? I Googled my fingers off this morning and can't find a music-video equivalent to IMDB. The closest is this, but it didn't provide credits for that song. And the credits they do list are sketchy, at best.

My early walk yesterday was with my neighbor, who I have mentioned here before. She's a competitive equestrienne, makes and sells pottery in her own gift shop and is blind. She said since she's been turning her horses out all the time, instead of leaving them in stalls overnight [and thus having to clean stalls less often], she's noticed she's getting a little pudgy. So she and her dog have been doing a lot of walking. With me along, she feels safer in going further. So it's good for both of us.

As for her being 'pudgy' – I think not, although every woman at every size probably has something she'd like to change. My neighbor is probably a size 4. She's working really hard at not being a size 6. I said to her today how I hate the way I look and wish I could feel more comfortable in my clothes. And she really surprised me when she said, "Oh, but you're so pretty! You wouldn't believe how many people have told me how young-looking and attractive you are."

Well, knock me over with a feather. Or two. That felt so good to hear! She really made my day.


LynnM said...

I agree with your neighbor -- and your personality makes you just that much more attractive! Others can see us a bit differently that we see ourselves, and it sure feels good when they give us a needed boost, doesn't it?

Debbi said...

It does! I'll definitely be going on more walks with her! Thanks for commenting, Lynn. Good to hear from you.