Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A great way to start the day

My day begins with caffeine and the computer. The caffeine is in the kitchen, the computer isn't, meaning I occasionally [okay, more than occasionally] need to get up for a refill. Here's what caught my eye on one of my trips to the kitchen this morning:

I sometimes miss "city" things – coffeeshops, cinemas, bookstores, malls – but I will admit right here and now that when I lived in the city I never saw sunrises like the ones I see here in the Middle of Nowhere. This one took my breath away.

It's still too cold to walk early in the morning – it's right around freezing as I'm writing at 7 a.m. – but I can visualize myself getting up very early in the summer and seeing something like this as I round the last bend and head home. I'll have to remember to bring the camera to get a panoramic shot from the top of the hill.

I decided yesterday that the sleeve looked fine as it was; I have only a couple more inches to go and it will be time to determine how I want to cuff it. Or not. The beauty of aran knitting is that since it's not stockinette, the edge won't curl up and I might just continue the cabled patterns all the way to the lower edge of the sleeve. Plenty of time to think about that. Plenty of time to work on this sweater, actually, since it's wool and warm weather is rapidly approaching. I won't be wearing it until next year.

But aran knitting is seductive. It's hard to put it aside to work on acrylic stockinette-stitch toys when I could be enjoying the feel of wool and the challenge of the design. So far I haven't. Put it aside, that is.

For some reason I ate quite a bit less yesterday than I usually do – the food log says I consumed slightly more than 1000 calories. I was busy in the afternoon and had a meeting last night, so the opportunities to eat were a bit more limited than usual.

I only worked out for an hour yesterday – 30 minutes on the rower and 30 minutes on the treadmill. As it will be warmer this week, I'm sure I'll get some nice long walks in to bring my daily average up to the 80- or 90-minute range.

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