Sunday, March 12, 2006


Tomorrow is weigh day [unlike payday, doncha know], a day I both dread and anticipate. Having eaten a bit of sugary chocolate this week, I don't know what to expect. I know that last week I felt thinner but stayed the same. This week I feel fatter, although my activity has been consistent and my food intake has been at or less than 1200 calories per day. Even on the chocolate day. So. Whatever happens, it'll be a suprise, because I haven't scale-hopped at all this week.

I haven't heard from my friend about the photos yet, but since she's blind and has to have at least two other people critique them for her, I don't really expect to hear anything until Tuesday. She asked me to put some rustic scenery-type photos in the shop for sale, though, so I must be doing something right.

I bought frames Friday, and have a great idea for one photo. As I walk, I go past several woods and I've been noticing that some of the trees have grapevines snaking up the trunks in all different directions. I think that might make a good subject. Will have to try it and see. It was too sunny yesterday to make it work.

It was gorgeous yesterday, really. Mid-70s and a light breeze. I walked slightly more than 5.5 miles outside. One thing I neglect when I walk so much is doing any kind of weight lifting. [I count the rowing machine as weight work, because it really does work the back and arm muscles as much as actual lifting does.] So now that I've written it, I'll start to make it happen. I hope.

Someone commented day before yesterday that she's read studies that discuss how dieting and exercise can wreck the metabolism. I hope she comes back with sources. I've not seen even one credible study.

I started the second sleeve of the FLAK, and so far it looks just like the first. heheheh [Since I usually do both sleeves at the same time, this is a Big Deal.] Since it's the second sleeve, I'm forcing myself to keep on keeping on. I'm kind of bored, having already done this once, and would like to start something new.

I ordered yarn and a pattern yesterday to make a sweater for the Spousal Equivalent's mother for Christmas next year. The only things I've ever made for her are accessories, although she's specifically asked for a sweater in the past. This one looks interesting to knit and it's just her style. The yarn I chose is Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in a grey-blue that will look good with just about anything.

I'd also like to do some felting. I still need to make clogs for me – I washed mine last week and the sole on the right one has worn through one layer. It's interesting that you can actually see the loops of the loose stitches, even though the felted fabric is solid. I'm thinking of doing some kind of big bag, too – a satchel or carbetbag or something like that. I'm not in so much of a hurry to make anything for the twins who were just born, since I've pretty much decided to make sweaters in a 12-month size.

Okay, off to finish the blog-reading du jour, and then get the rest of the day started.

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