Tuesday, March 14, 2006


No, that's not my current weight. That was my score for the word 'sprights' when the Spousal Equivalent and I played Super Scrabble Sunday. I meant to brag about it yesterday and forgot. In SS, the four corners are Quadruple Word Scores and there are two Triple Word Score squares seven spaces in from each corner. So if you string a seven-letter word from the Triple Word to the Quadruple Word, you get to multiply your tile count by 12 and add 50. That's the highest single-word score either one of us has ever played.

Oh, yeah. I beat him. Competitive? Moi?

Well, I ended up walking to the post office and back, which is a little more than a mile and a half, and also did about a 20-minute weightlifting routine with barbells on the weight bench. I'd intended to take a day off, but walking to the post office is pretty routine, as I've been doing that almost every day since I moved here. Hardly even counts as exercise at this point. I'm happy I did the weights, and hope to make that happen three times a week.

It's cold here today, especially compared to the last three days when it's been in the 70s. It's supposed to go down to the mid-40s and be quite windy. We may have gusts up to 50 mph. That's probably the National Weather Service covering its ass, but still. I'd better make sure the patio furniture doesn't go flying off into the woods. [That happened once. Before I knew about lowering patio table umbrellas when the wind kicks up.]

The beginning drawing class I teach at Alderson Federal Prison Camp is a much larger group this time than I usually get. I had to get more five more pieces of Plexiglass, which we use in the learning process, as demonstrated in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Plexiglass, in spite of the fact it's not glass, is still heavy, and I'm up to 14 pieces now. I transferred all my teaching materials to a sturdy leather bag from the canvas one I'd been using.

When I get to the prison, I sign in and pick up my badge at the administration building and then have to walk up a long, steep hill to get to the recreation building, where the class is held. So, every Monday night I'll be getting a little additional weightlifting in. [You wondered where this was going, didn't you? I told you this blog was about weight loss!]

And the knitting? Still plugging away on the second sleeve of the FLAK.

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