Thursday, March 02, 2006

Injured reserve

I may have to do yoga for my intentional exercise today, since one usually practices yoga barefoot.

I can barely stand to have a comfy, felted clog on my left foot, let alone lace-up athletic shoes. [Sorry, FlyLady, I'm not wearing shoes that tie! And no, I don't follow FL at all any more, but when I did, not wearing lace-up shoes was my personal rebellion against being told what to do every damned minute of the day.]

You see, I'm breaking in a new layer of skin on the top of one toe, and it's terribly painful. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I'm still limping. Wah, wah, wah.

I must be getting old. My doctor said it was time for a bone density test, which I have scheduled – along with the annual smash-o-gram – for later this year. I don't feel old enough to need a bone density test. I don't think I look old enough, either. But with the family history of osteoporosis, I guess it's the wise thing to do.

After the doctor visit I went to the mall to buy thick, cushioned sports socks. I chose two packages of really heavy-duty single pairs, and one three-pack, none of which were tagged with a price. The total came to about $35! I was shocked! Mind you, I don't mind spending $20 for yarn and 10 or 12 hours of my time to hand knit a pair of socks. The two single pairs were $11 each. Yikes! I'm sure they'll feel great, though, and am hoping they'll be cushiony enough that I can do an eight-mile walk again in the next week or so. Momentum is high, as is motivation.

I also bought a new pair of Reeboks. The shoes I wore the other day are Avias, but my old Reeboks have a roomier toe box. I'll save the Avias for less strenuous workouts.

I have much to do today. No laundry or cleaning has been accomplished all week. I guess the maid took the week off without telling me. I still need to put stuff away that I bought yesterday, and I'd love to make a dent in the cluttered guest room.

My guess is, however, that I will do the laundry, work out and knit. Film at eleven.

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