Thursday, March 16, 2006

Anchors aweigh

Well, the Navy wives were the biggest losers. I really didn't have a favorite team, but my favorite person was Amanda, a Marine wife who absolutely transformed herself by losing 66 pounds! It wasn't just her body that changed, but her whole attitude was completely different. She absolutely strutted up to the scale for the final weigh-in. She was always the one crying and saying she was dragging her team down. She rocks, plain and simple.

There's no way I won't exercise today. What I like about this program is how motivating it is. All the participants are winners, whether they end up with the prize or not, because they stick to a plan and push themselves to the limit. I have to admit that I seldom push myself too hard. Been there, done that. I want to find a way to incorporate activity into my routine in a manageable way, without killing myself.

It's good that I can talk about this project so much here – y'all can read it or not, but I seem to have to write about it. Otherwise I would be talking about it ad nauseum to the checkout girl, the postmaster and the guy who lives on the corner. I don't think anyone is as interested in what I'm doing about my weight as I am.

My food plan directs me to occasionally eat, as a snack, 'three wheat crackers' along with cottage cheese or low-fat mozzarella. I can handle Triscuits in limited quantities, but if the plan wants me to eat Triscuits it says 'Triscuits.' I kind of assume 'wheat crackers' means Wheat Thins, so I bought some yesterday. They are just too good. I logged every one of them that I ate yesterday [too bad Biggest Loser doesn't come on mid-afternoon!], and I'll be throwing the remainder of the box in the trash today. Thus endeth the Wheat Thin Experiment.

And thus beginneth a new day, one which will be filled with intentional exercise and necessary mopping and vacuuming of floors, in both the house and the office. The tax man cometh tomorrow, and we must have a tidy office for his visit.

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