Monday, March 13, 2006

Take two

I was shocked – SHOCKED! – to get on the scales this morning and see that I've lost two more pounds. That's a total of 13 in 10 weeks. Slow and steady and all that.

Last week I ate an average of 1224 calories per day, and did just slightly more than an hour of intentional exercise per day. [That's about 50 additional calories and 20 fewer minutes.] One of those days was a moving furniture/mopping day, so not even "exercise" in the sense that I used a machine or walked outside. Just housework. I can't believe how geeky I'm being about tallying the calories and activity minutes. I even have a line on my spreadsheet for number of calories burned per minute. [Last week? 6.9, down from a high of 7.6 about a month ago.]

I had every intention of walking the long loop yesterday, which is 6.6 miles. I walked about a mile and a half and was overcome with what I know was a hypoglycemic attack. Shaking, profuse sweating, dizziness, nausea. I had to stop for a while to collect myself, and turned around. It took an hour to go just three miles. I couldn't even listen to the Shuffle; it was too distracting. I had to really concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.

So I came home and took my blood pressure, which was a little high. Tried to get a blood sugar but the monitor showed an error message twice and I was out of strips.

I shouldn't have been hypo. I had cereal with milk and fruit about two hours before I started out. I don't like to walk on a full stomach, but I know I should have some nourishment before exercising. I was sick in the middle of the night, so maybe it was more of a virus-y thing than a hypo attack.

I feel okay this morning – not great, but not sick. Last Monday was a day off, so this one might be, as well.

When I first moved here, I thought the fog that settled in the small valleys was smoke. It's really more of a very low cloud. The trees are ugly and bare right now, but one of those clouds is out there, nestled in front of a mountainside. Here's what it looks like in the fall:
Okay, it's time to get this party started. I think I'll go try on my jeans.


amanda said...

Hi just stopped in to see if you shrank . Your picture is nice remonds me of home. I am still laughing about your jeans comment.

Joan said...

You go Debbi! Great job but take it easy too if you're not feeling up to snuff. Good thoughts coming your way.

Joan said...

You go Debbi! Great job but take it easy too if you're not feeling up to snuff. Good thoughts coming your way.