Friday, March 03, 2006

Put me in, Coach!

Spring training and movies, all rolled into one. Centerfield, one of the great sports songs from the best sports movie ever, was my theme song yesterday. Not only am I off injured reserve, I'm almost back up to full-time playing status.

This blog is really doing everything I wanted it to do. I wanted a place where I could spout off, be accountable, get or create motivation and just have a little fun. It seems like every time I say I am – or sometimes am not – going to do something, I turn around and challenge myself to do the opposite.

For instance, I said I was probably going to have to do yoga because my blisters hurt so bad. Well, the weather was lovely mid-morning and I needed to go get the mail anyway, so I put on the new Thorlo Running Socks [Maximum Protection Level 3] with my old, broken-in Reeboks [as well as some antibiotic cream and a Band-Aid] and didn't feel any pain at all. Got home, started the laundry and did 30 minutes on the rowing machine. I even started to do a medium-intensity workout on the treadmill, but stopped after 20 minutes. Just ran out of steam.

The point is that I did so much more than I'd told myself I could do!

And remember the other day when I said I wasn't going to pick up the FLAK? Because I wanted to make the dolls? Hmmm. Maybe not such a good example. Although I have worked on a doll the last two nights in a row, so I am making progress.

I also said I would probably do the laundry, work out and knit. Laundry is done! Workout is done! Guest room? Not decluttered, but that's okay. We're not expecting guests any time soon.

I got an e-mail yesterday from someone who apparently found the word 'osteoporosis' on my blog. The things people search for! Anyway, he asked if I would link to this information. I said I would, and so I am.

I'd better watch what I write. Some of those e-mail spammers who want to help me increase the size of my you-know-what may be lurking. I don't need any more mail from them, thankyouverymuch.

Finally, I read Franklin's blog every day. He's creative, talented, articulate, polite and funny. And he knits. He
was asked to create the gold medal for the Knitting Olympics, and a couple of people objected to it. One because the figure was nude, the other because the figure was male. You know, like the original Greek Olympians. You can read all the gory details if you visit his blog.

To celebrate nude men, freedom of expression and classical art, I give you Michelangelo's David:

And yes, I could have given him to you bigger – size is important, you know – but I'm on dial-up and this was faster.

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