Friday, March 10, 2006

Twin daughters of different mothers

So I was reading Act Boldly a minute or so ago, and found my twin. Beth said:

“And I am convinced that years of dieting screwed up my metabolism, messed up my body chemistry (e.g., insulin resistance), contributed to my inability to treat food like a normal person, and was largely the reason I got as fat as I did.”

As I commented to Beth, I’ve been saying this for the past half-dozen years of my weight-loss struggle. I have yet to speak with any physician [I’ve been to three endocrinologists, two gynecologists and an internist, and I live with a psychiatrist] who will even examine the possibility that dieting and, for me, excessive exercise can wreck one’s metabolism.

Exercise has been more of an issue for me than food. When I lost almost 60 pounds a dozen years ago, I was working out in a gym two hours a day. I added a two-mile run [from my home to the gym and back] in good weather. When I moved here to the Middle of Nowhere, I continued to exercise, but not at that level of intensity.

I also started eating sugar and quit smoking, all at the same time. A 'perfect storm' for a slide back into obesity.

Learning about insulin-resistance and finding a way to eat that’s compatible with the condition has been key for me. Unfortunately, because of my past working-out history, I also need to be much more active than I’d like. It’s working, slowly, and I need to remember this:

I will be alive, God willing, when the calendar flips from 2006 to 2007. If I continue to exercise regularly and eat sensibly, I should be at or near my goal by then. I can either stay as fat as I am now, or continue the mission.

Yesterday was a mostly positive day for me. I had errands to run in the morning and only forgot one thing! I then stopped to talk with someone from my congressman's office about health care, after which I loaded my car with my photography gear to go do my first real shoot [the photos turned out great!]. Finally I came home and walked outside for 90 minutes [four miles].

Food was so-so … I caved in and had some real chocolate, which means sugar, of course, while I was in town, and I'm not sure why that happened. [Well, I know that I made a bad choice, but what led up to it?] But I counted it in my daily total and will get back to being sugar-free today.

The first FLAK sleeve is done! And fits! I hope it will fit as an oversized, comfortable sweater next year. If it looks too sloppy, though, I've had fun knitting it and will find someone to give it to. Or rip it out and make a smaller one. I don't have to think about that now.


Marie said...

You are absolutely right that years of dieting and severe over-exercise will screw up your metabolism. (I'm not a doctor but I read a helluva lot about this!) I think the evidence is growing but unfortunately it's not going to be a $$$ maker when the data is assembled, so don't look for it soon. Meanwhile just keep plugging away and doing the best you can, every day!

Debbi said...

Marie, please mention your sources. I'd love to know who's working on this theory. Thanks!