Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bagging the dolls

This post could just as easily have been titled "Seduced by cables."

The twins are here, quite tiny and still in the hospital. So I picked up a partially finished doll yesterday and cast on for an arm. Twice, because the first time I was using too large a needle. And before I even completed the hand, I quit. Threw the whole mess in the trash. I'll think of something else to send them and in the meantime I have only three inches left on the first sleeve of the FLAK. That will be mostly cuff, actually.

You see, I just couldn't keep working with that bright-and-shiny, kid-friendly [meaning acrylic] fiber when I could be using wool. I'm not a yarn snob, even though I know it sounds like I am. Even though I put the FLAK project in another room, so I wouldn't be tempted to pick it up, I kept thinking about how much fun it was, and how boring the doll was.

I think the twins will get sweaters made of machine-washable wool, or maybe Wool-Ease. Something they can wear next winter. Something with cables.

Much to do today, beginning with some errands this morning, and then a little meet-up with our congressman to talk about health care [that's not one of his big issues, but it's one of mine and he's my congressman and he's in my teeny-tiny-little-town in the Middle of Nowhere, so I'm doing my civic duty]. After that, I have my first official photography gig.

Then I will force myself to walk. [I much prefer to work out or walk in the morning. Once it's done, I don't have to think about it again. And I don't have to take two showers!] The weather today is supposed to be perfect – high 60s, thin clouds, a light breeze. The kind of day I love for taking a good long walk outside.

What a treat last night to find The Biggest Loser on again! [Just so you know, I am a little embarassed that I like a "reality" show as much as I do.] I find this program to be very motivating, and I'm glad it's back. I thought it would be next fall before another episode aired. The challenge this time is between a team of four Navy wives and four Marine wives. I don't have a favorite team – I want them all to win.

I want me to win, too. And if you're reading this, and you're struggling to lose weight, I want you to win, too!


Marilyn said...

If I'd had your phone number I'd have called you last night to be sure you knew The Biggest Looser was on. I like watching it too. By the way.....1.6 gone today.

Marie said...

My daughter and I love to watch The Biggest Loser and we, too, root for everyone. I had to work a late shift so I missed it this week, but I'll be around for it next week. My "program" has been sidelined by a severely strained hamstring (tweaked it twice) but as it heals I'm getting around more and doing a little better. Monday is Weigh-In time.