Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Picking myself up

Since I'm the only one who can change my thinking [among other things], perhaps it's best that I do.

Yesterday is over!
Done! I moped around all day, didn't work out, didn't clean, didn't do laundry. I was a Total Slug. But today is a new day, and I woke up early with renewed ambition. I didn't have to do the Thing I Didn't Want To Do yesterday, but I have to do it today and I don't feel as grumpy about it as I did.

Food was fine yesterday, thanks to not having anything tempting in the house. Today is trash day and I'm throwing away all the sugar-free candy. It truly didn't do me any favors. I have enough problems with my digestive system, thankyouverymuch!

I guess I'm officially Over the Hill. I won't be putting this on my Shuffle. Don't get me wrong – I like hip hop and rap, and I have some on the Shuffle. But Three-6-Mafia doesn't move me like 2 Live Crew, Sir Mix-a-Lot or The Diplomats. [To be perfectly honest, I have only five songs on the Shuffle that fall into the Rap/Hip-Hop category. I'm very ... um ... discerning. Music has to be lively, upbeat and have somewhat of a marching tempo to make the Shuffle cut.]

Knitting update: I'm a little further along with one of the dolls, but tempis is fugiting and I need to finish them and get them in the mail. I have about half a sleeve done, but it's kind of poufy-looking along the picked-up edge, so I'm going to rip it out and start over. I like the way the cables look, but the width of the sleeve looks out of proportion to the body and I won't be happy with it the way it is.

After moping around all day yesterday, I went to Alderson last night to teach my beginning drawing class. I'm humbled by the women I meet there. They teach me so much about acceptance, perseverance and attitude. Sure there are whiners and troublemakers among the inmate population, but most of the women I meet are handling the toughest of tough situations with grace and dignity, taking it one day at a time and making lemonade every day out of the lemons life has handed them.

I should take a lesson.

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