Thursday, March 30, 2006

Get thee to the doctor

My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1986, when she was 55. I'll be 55 in 55 days, so I'm going to the doctor this morning to schedule some kind of test.

I had a colonoscopy six years ago, I think, after some symptoms, but it was incomplete due to a weird anatomical problem. [Am I icking you out? So sorry!] I'm hoping I won't have to go through that again. I had to fast an additional day and have an additional test. I hope I can convince my doctor to start with the second test first, and if anything shows up then they can get more invasive. I don't expect any problems, either in scheduling or in results.

I bet that didn't make much sense at all to anyone but me. I guess you had to be there! But if you had any sense at all, you wouldn't have wanted to be there.

I'm putting off the intentional exercise until I get home this afternoon, although I'll be mopping that floor before I leave. I love coming home and seeing a clean floor. I might also come home with an area rug, so that the little dog footprints don't cover quite so much real estate! But then that would mean hauling out the vaccuum cleaner to clean the area rug, and it just gets so complicated!

Wasn't it Scott Peck who said, "Life is difficult."? If keeping my floor clean is the most difficult problem I have, then I'm one lucky woman.

Finally, a knitting tip: When you're making a garment in pieces [back, front, sleeves],
tie a knot in the cast-on tail for each row of ribbing. When you start the next piece, you'll be able to match them exactly, and you won't have to putz around clicking a counter or writing down how many rows you've done. Measuring the length doesn't work, as the ribbing won't match up when you seam the pieces.

Can you see those little knots? Sixteen rows of ribbing so far on the Prosperous Plum sweater I swatched for the other day.

I've never used Cotton Fleece before. I might be the only knitter my age who's never used it. I have quite a bit of it in the yarn closet, but I much prefer knitting with wool, and so haven't tried it. Cotton Fleece is 80 percent cotton, 20 percent wool, and that bit of wool really does add a bit of 'sproing' to the cotton, which normally is kind of hard on the hands.


Annie said...

I had my first colonoscopy three years ago, at 41, because I have colon cancer coming at me from both sides of the family. The fasting and "Ick" that I had to drink the day before were terrible, but the drugs I got the day of the procedure were the best! I was so relaxed that day. The removed several polyps, which, Surprise!, I didn't even know I had. Non-cancerous, thank goodness, but because of that, I have to have a test every three years. Mine is scheduled for mid-June, so I can relate to what you're going through. By the way, I'm on Day 6 of the SparkPeople program, and so far so good! Thanks again for mentioning it. All these healthy steps will make us better knitters, yes?

Debbi said...

Thanks for your comment, Annie. If all these healthy steps don't make us better knitters, they will at least make us smaller knitters. Meaning we can knit more things, since each thing won't take as long to finish. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Congratulations on your commitment to SparkPeople! Glad to help. And now I need to back away from the computer, put some cooler clothes on and go walking.