Tuesday, January 01, 2008

You say a new beginning, I say beginning anew

Happy new year to all of you, and may all our wishes for the coming year come true.

They won't, of course, unless we do the footwork. Funny how that works.

In 2006 I lost about 40 pounds. In 2007 I gained 20. Not exactly a good maintenance program, eh?

Posting progress photos was one of my strategies in 2006. No reason it won't work again. Unless I get in my own way, of course. So I'm using the spectacularly unflattering picture of that pink cabled sweater for a starting point. February is bound to look better, simply because that sweater adds about 10 pounds of bulk.

When I was sifting through photos, I found one from July, 2006 that makes me both happy and sad. Happy because that was my wedding outfit, and I made it and I think I looked pretty good in it. Sad because it was made of ribbon, which eventually fell apart. And sadder still because even if it hadn't fallen apart, it would no longer fit me today.

All in all, though, 2007 was pretty great. Two half-marathons and a 10-miler – I never thought I'd be able to do that. From now on, the word "never" is officially banned from my vocabulary. I can do anything I want to, provided I do the work necessary to achieve it.


Including losing 40 pounds. I hope you'll join me with renewed resolve, commitment and determination.



Anne M. said...

You not only can do anything, you are an inspiration with your "no such thing as never" resolve. Your commitment to training and running your half-marathons last year just blew me away and I know that you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

Pink is a good color for you, whether in ribbons or bulky cable. The newer photo isn't spectacularly unflattering at all - I think you look good, actually - but I certainly understand not liking the image that's captured.

Let's make this year a good one for all of us. Together we can do marvelous things.

Shauna said...

renewed resolve. i like the sound of that. happy new year Debbie and best of luck with all your goals :)

(of course i realise luck has nothing to do with it, but you know what i mean! just a general good tiding for you! :)

miss petite america said...

first, let me just say you look awesome in that shade of pink. which is probably why you keep picking it.

second, i'm here with ya chica. 2008 is YOUR year. i'm excited to read about your progress :)

Grumpy Chair said...

You do look gorgeous in that color.

My woe: 30 pounds gone in 2006 with 15 finding there way back home in 07!

So count me in! Grr!

Jan B said...

I am with you, I am not yet at my goal and it seems the closer it gets, the harder it gets. The holidays were really hard. Really.

I look forward to delving into your blog some more and I will be subscribing too, Take care and be good to yourself!

Mary Gee said...

Thanks for your comment. I am extremely grateful that I have found you too - you are the ONLY person my age I can talk to about this crazy stuff! We have SO much in common. 2008 is bound to be great for both of us. XXXOOO, Mary