Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I see a treadmill in my immediate future

Need I say more?

Did I say I was going to row and lift weights yesterday? I forgot about a late-morning board meeting at the prison, and by the time I remembered I had to shower, dress and go. I'm not one to take two daily showers, especially in dry-skin-inducing winter, so I bagged the workout.

Then when I got home I felt like such a loser, so I lifted weights. Briefly. So I wouldn't, um, glow. Heh. Anything's better than nothing, right?

I did all my regular moves – curls, presses, lunges, squats, etc. – but instead of two or three sets of 12 or 15, I just did one set of each until I couldn't do any more. I counted the bicep curls, to get an idea of how many I could do, but stopped after 30.

Perhaps I need to move up to a heavier dumbbell. Hmmm.

Thanks for all your good wishes about the babies-to-be. It will be no surprise to some of you that I have enough yarn for all three blankets "in stock," so to speak. But the brown isn't quite right, so I ordered more. One will be blue, one will be cream and one will be brown, to match the nursery, although I guess babies don't sleep with crib blankets any more.

And a belated thanks for all your good wishes about this round of race training. It's so cool to have so many cheerleaders out there in blogland. Mr. Shrinking Knitter does what he can, but race training isn't quite the novelty it was the first time around.

Remind me I said this when I do a 20-miler, 'kay?

I'm starting to wonder how in the world I'm going to be able to find something to photograph every day for the rest of the year. This seemed like such a good idea a week ago. I've already stooped to stealing ideas from others. Perhaps I'll come up with a monthly theme. I might actually have to go on these things called "photo shoots" instead of just hanging 'round the shanty looking for inspiration.

What a concept.


Jan B said...

I love my treadmill. I have tried a lot of other things, but the treadmill is the one thing I couldn't do without. It works everything on me. Back, legs, arms, chest, abs, but it does it without injury and for me, that's a huge thing. Take care!

Laura N said...

Um, yeah, January weather sucks. I hate January. Bring on the spring and some sunshine.

Good for you for doing something instead of nothing. Those biceps are getting strong, eh?

The blankets will be cherished, I am sure. My son loves on a blankie that my aunt made. He loves putting his fingers through the wholes (I think it's crocheted and not knitted) and he is such a Linus with it. He's been attached to it since he was about 1 year old. I'm sure the Boys will love theirs, too.

Lori said...

It's really nice over here today. We were supposed to get rain but nope, didn't happen (yet). So I'm hoping you got to go out today.

That's pretty impressive strength work, btw. I'm glad you had fun. (Right?)