Thursday, January 03, 2008

WVU is the new Boise State

Well, maybe it's not quite that dramatic, but still … I didn't hear one single analyst predict the Mountaineers' win over the Oklahoma Sooners prior to last night's Fiesta Bowl. [The Tostita commercials were sooooo bad I refuse to attach the sponsor's name to the event.] With WVU's season-ending loss to Pitt and the subsequent departure of Coach Rodriguez, everyone had the Mountaineers dead and buried for their BCS bowl.

Take that! 48-28! A decisive victory and a defense that was seriously ready for battle.

The first touchdown of the game belonged to Owen Schmitt, already a legend in Morgantown. Known for his mohawk 'do and his propensity for breaking facemasks, he's the one I'd have voted least likely to scamper 57 yards into the endzone. He's also my new mind picture for How to Run. He's a big guy, but ran like the wind. Like me, right? Heh.

May I mention how spectacularly bad the announcers were? And the sound quality of the broadcast? Fox just doesn't get it. You're not supposed to be biased for Oklahoma either team, 'kay? And the bands' drumbeats shouldn't drown out your play-by-play. Oh, and when a player does something great, or when an official throws a flag, that might be a good time to cut the chit-chat and actually tell the viewers what's going on do your job. And maybe speak up, so the band doesn't overpower your voice.

Give me ESPN for college football, please. Or – and I can't believe I'm saying this because I really, really don't like Brent Mouseburger Musburger – the ABC team of Brent and Kirk Herbstreit.

I take my sports very seriously around here.

On to other things … I thought about yesterday's list of Things That Work all day. I drank 1.5 liters of water, which is a lot for me when it's cold and I don't think about hydration. I did 45 minutes on exercise machines – 30 on the treadmill and 15 on the rower – and about 10 minutes of strength training. My shoulder is a little stiff, but all in all I'd say my arm is definitely ready to rock. My pre-planned food was healthful and in reasonable quantities, and I'm still sugar-free. I had a few pita chips during the game, but hey – it was a game! And I didn't go overboard. All in all, a good day from morning to night.

Since I'm so in love with my new camera lens, I decided maybe this was the year to really do Project 365. I started a new blog just for the photos, so I don't have to bore you with them here. But if you'd like to have a look [hint, hint!], it's here, and I also have it listed in the Links sidebar.

Finally, have you heard of Spirit of the Marathon? It's a running film, and is being shown in theatres for just one night – Thursday, January 24 – in select cities [large cities, not the Middle of Nowhere] around the country. Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I need to go to Ohio sometime this month; I'm thinking January 24 would be a good time to get there. Heh.

How are you all doing with your first-of-January health-and-wellness plans? Let's keep this new resolve alive and kicking!


Lori said...

Hey, somewhere at 4 a.m. when I couldn't sleep, I turned on the TV and saw that WVU won and in a hazy little part of my brain, I thought, "Debbi will be so pleased."

I didn't know what the odds were but I'm glad they won. I did think of you too on Saturday when I saw that WVU is suing Coach Rodriguez for $$.

ws said...

Fox sent Daryl Johnston to tonight's game and Joe Buck must only do NFL. I muted the TV after a few minutes just so I didn't have to listen to the announcers, they were terrible. Kirk, well, he's a cutie and ABC Sports is just ESPN3 anyway. I'll be happy on Monday when all this college football nonsense is over...

LME said...

Happy to read that you are starting strong on your goals.

Mine so far are going well. Am headed to a yoga class tonight, which is one of my goals, since I feel so much better when I practice regularly. Meditated this morning (for about 10 minutes, but hey, it's a start). Want to pick back up where I left off before Christmas on C to 5K, hopefully tomorrow. So things are going well!

mehitabel said...

The Project 365 idea is great--I do take a lot of pictures, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep it up for an entire year! I wasn't even able to post 30 days in Nov.for NaBloPoMo!
Going to work on the fitness part of the equation as soon as the ribs heal. And the shoulder. New resolution: no more falling down!

PastaQueen said...

Cool, that movie is playing in Indy. I'll have to check it out.