Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two down

Sometime in the past I noted in my electronic calendar that today marks the second anniversary of this blog. However, when I went back to the very first post, it was actually January 10, 2006. Instead of a day late and a dollar short, make it two.

So two years and two days ago – there is a bit of symmetry in that – I found the magic of the blogosphere.

The biggest deal the first year was that Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I ran away to Las Vegas to get married. I can never call him the Spousal Equivalent again. We agree that tying the knot was one of our better decisions.

The second year found me running not one, but two half-marathons and a grueling 10-miler and, sadly, not losing an ounce of weight in the process.

The most important event of 2007 was the arrival of my second granddaughter, my son and daughter-in-law's first child and a new cousin for my granddaughter and grandson. She is now six months old, sitting up, eating cereal and taking two-hour naps. We learned later in the year that Mr. Shrinking Knitter's son and his wife were expecting triplets. They'll be here this spring
, thus doubling the number of grandchildren in one swell foop.

I did a lot of knitting, a lot of healthy eating [today marks two full months of being sugar-free. Again.], a lot of running and, well, a lot of writing. My blog stats have gone up, along with my spirits, and I'm blessed – truly – to have virtually met so many supportive and caring people.

You've extended yourselves in so many ways to help me along this sometimes torturous path to health and fitness. I'm quite sure I'd have thrown in the towel long ago if you hadn't been holding my hand.

So thanks. Lots.


Laura N said...

Happy 2 year and 2 day anniversary! What a blessed 2 years it's been for you. It's been a true privilege getting to know you over the past year and a half. 2008 surely holds more wonderful stuff for both of us.

D said...

Wow...two months sugar-free already! That's a big accomplishment right there! You're my sugar-free role model :)

Debbie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm a newer reader, but I plan to be around for a while. Keep up the good work.

Shauna said...

wow.. so much has happened in that time. are you glad you've been writing about it? sometimes i look at my archives and see things i totally forgot happened :)

here's to the next two and beyond, woohooooo :)

Mary Gee said...

Happy Bloggerversary!

I am so glad I found your blog. You are special to me among all the bloggers - we have so much in common!

Grumpy Chair said...

Happy 2nd blog anniversary and great on 2 months sugar free!