Monday, January 07, 2008

Today is the first day of the next 16 weeks

Training begins today! As I've mentioned previously, I'm not sure if I'm going to run the half or the full in Nashville in April. I've already registered for the half, but I'm training as if I'm going to run the full.


I've printed out two schedules [since yet another marathon book still isn't here to advise me]. The Runner's World Smart Coach plans vary the mileage each week – a three-week increase and then a cutback week. The plan from calls for a steady increase in mileage from Week One until the two weeks before marathon day.

What I like about RW's plan is that it suggests a pace for each run, and for the easy and long runs it's a pace I can manage. The tempo/speed runs will be more challenging. Those of you who routinely run eight- or nine- or even 10-minute miles will laugh at me, but here's the thing. While I have run three miles at an 11:45 pace, long ago in another galaxy, I haven't done anything even remotely like that in a couple of months.

I have to do that day after tomorrow.

The Marathon Rookie plan's increasing numbers would, I think, give me confidence that I actually could run 26.2 freakin' miles. Right now I'm not so sure.

But I guess I only have to do it a mile at a time, right?

Anyhoo, training for an event really pumps me up, and I'm looking forward to today's easy three-miler. For today, at least, both schedules are the same.

For the next four months, expect to be bored beyond belief with training talk, including injury reports, nutrition evaluation, wailing about how hard it is and worrying about my weight. I know if I were smaller this would all be easier. And I know not to expect to lose weight during training.

Hope springs eternal, though; surely training for a marathon will burn more calories than training for a half.

I might be crazy.


Grumpy Chair said...

The Houston Chronicle has an article in the paper this morning about the surge of women runners.

Best of luck to you this training season.

LME said...


I have it in the back of my little pointed head that I might like to do this someday also.

Need to get myself completely through the couch to 5K thing first, though, before I even start seriously thinking about it.

Looking forward to reading about your training and progress!

Lori said...

Wow, what a great schedule. I think you'll be busy working out no matter if it's the half or the full marathon.

It is only a mile at a time. You will be great! I'm envious!

Laura N said...

I can't wait to read about your training tribulations. I'll be right there with ya! Well, not for the whole enchilada, but I've not ever run a long distance even like a half, so I know training is still gonna be a challenge. Hope your 3 miles were good today.

mehitabel said...

I have a feeling that even though the weight numbers might not come down, you will find that your clothes will be looser and fit better. It's not always about the numbers, except for miles run! I'll be cheering you on!

Anne M. said...

You may be crazy but you're committed and focused and I love that you're approaching this so carefully and methodically. I look forward to reading about your training progress and to cheering for you when you go to Nashville. Whatever race you run, you're a winner in my book :)