Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Quote Day

"Most people seem to want
tremendous improvement, instantly.
But you'll probably find
it's the little things you do
that eventually add up to big results."

~ Joel Weldon

Is that the same thing as "hope springs eternal?"

The daily weigh-in has been less traumatic this week. Do you think, maybe, it might have something to do with, oh, not snacking at night? Or drinking massive quantities de l'eau?

I missed doing any kind of intentional activity yesterday, opting instead to shovel a bit of snow. I didn't get much done before our neighbor came by in his tractor with the snowblade on the front. He cleared the entire driveway and parking area in 10 minutes; it would have taken me two hours, at least. And, truthfully, my left shoulder was so happy to see him. It's killing me this morning; it has been feeling so good lately that it didn't occur to me that shoveling snow might not be a Good Thing.

Yesterday was my last chance to have popcorn for dinner; Mr. Shrinking Knitter will be home today. When I have a popcorn-for-dinner day, I usually have it later in the evening. You know, like a snack. Yesterday I ate popcorn watching the news. It felt weird and wasn't nearly as much fun.

So. Back to those little things. Two liters of water seems to be the right amount for me. Not snacking in the evening isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I'm looking at the daily appointment with the scale as information, not a value judgment.

Logging my food intake does two things. I'm determined to record everything, which helps put the brakes on quantities. And, of course, it gives me an idea of the total number of calories I'm eating.

I do want tremendous improvement, instantly. It's the American way, n'est pas? But I've wanted it for two years now and I haven't gotten it.The Universe must be trying to teach me a lesson about delayed gratification.

Ya think?


Crabby McSlacker said...

Great reminder about the little things adding up slowly--it really is true, but instant gratification is so much more appealing!

LME said...

I want it all and I want it now! So I know what you mean.

I have become a big believer in daily weighing. I'm not using it to beat myself up if I'm up, though I am happy when it goes down. It's more of a check-in with myself and tool to keep myself mindful.

Laura N said...

Absolutely brilliant quote.

Hope you and Mr SK have a big ole huggy reunion. Enjoy your weekend together.

2 liters of water is about what I get in each day, too.

Keep up the little things--they will add up to big results before you know it.

Grumpy Chair said...

When I read you shoveled snow, I immediately thought - Oh no! Your shoulder.

Rest it and do the pendulum exercise.

I have noticed that when I do get 2 liters of water, I see a change on the scale - a small weight loss (which I will take).

I'm convinced this is our year.

Laura N said...

Yay, a fellow movie quote junkie. You win Bonus Points. I'll add them to your file. =)