Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sleep tight

I occasionally have trouble sleeping, meaning I'll go three or four days with very little sleep, followed by a crash and burn.

Last night was a blessedly wonderful crash-and-burn night.

I slept for 11 hours, which is approximately the total number of hours I'd gotten since Friday.

I usually volunteer at the prison on Tuesday night, so I made sure another volunteer would be there before I bagged it. Mr. Shrinking Knitter even volunteered to drive me if I felt strongly about going.

As it was, I was asleep before my prison meeting would have started. Good thing I didn't go … you never know what a room full of rowdy prison camp inmates would do with a sleeping volunteer. Heh.

Yesterday morning was spent running errands – a doctor's appointment for my husband and a Sam's Club run. With the economy slumping as it is, we felt like stocking up on non-perishables. There was no room left in the back of the PT Cruiser when we finished shopping. Now I have to rearrange the garage in order to store all the napkins, paper towels and sandwich bags I thought we might need for, oh, a year or two.

Anyway, I tried to nap in the afternoon but naps don't happen unless I'm sick. I can't say I feel 100 percent this morning, but I feel better, and I certainly couldn't go back to sleep right now, even if I tried.

No intentional activity was accomplished yesterday, unless you count moving 40-pound bags of water softener salt and dog food from the store to the car and the car to the garage. Today's schedule is another round of speedwork. Alternating jogs/fast runs sandwiched between a mile warmup and cooldown. With my New! Improved! foot, I should actually be able to do okay. I don't anticipate an 11:06 mile at this stage, but I might be able to do an 11:06 lap. Maybe I'll do treadmill fartleks.

Anything is better than nothing, right?


Jess said...

I had the same blissful 11 hour sleep the other night. It was glorious!

And yes, something is always better than nuthin.

Laura N said...

Love your Sleepy pic.

I rarely get insomnia or have trouble sleeping, but the other night when Sophie was sick and she was in bed with me, I was awake every hour or so. It stinks. Sleep deprivation is a bad thing.

Glad you are supporting the economy with shopping trips. Keep that up.