Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Quote Day

"Some things you have to do every day.
Eating seven apples on
Saturday night
instead of one a day
just isn't going to get
the job done."
~ Jim Rohn

While today's quote mentions food, I'm posting it to remind myself of the necessity for daily exercise. Call it what you will – intentional activity, getting off your ass, moving more – it all comes down to the "E" word. Just like vitamins and caffeine, you ought to have some every day. Heh.

Starting January 2, the only day I haven't recorded at least 30 minutes of running, weight lifting or cross training was last Sunday. I told myself I needed a day of rest when, in fact, half an hour of anything would have been better than nothing at all.

I know it sounds like I'm grrr-ing at myself, but here's the thing: Two years ago, I was recording an hour of something almost every day. Most days it was a combination of two or three things – treadmill-rower-weights, or yoga-walking outside.

When I belonged to a fancy-schmancy gym in Ohio, I wouldn't leave until the total number of calories I burned, according to the readouts on the machines [which aren't accurate but at least are a benchmark] was 1000.

Again, that's ONE THOUSAND. Believe me, the weight melted off. Fifty pounds in five months.

Last year, when race training started, I did only what the plan said to do. Nothing extra. If it was a cross-training/rest day, I opted to rest more often than not. I ran three or four days a week, as prescribed, limited my stretching to my lower limbs and told myself that training for a race was enough.

Clearly, it wasn't. Is it any wonder I'm not losing any weight?

The down side is, sadly, my body needs to burn more calories than your average bear in order to release fat.

The up side is, for some reason today it's very evident to me that I need to put more effort into this project. Period.

Thanks so much for your music suggestions yesterday. I tuned into a satellite music channel of techno/dance music while I did the treadmill, and managed to kick the pace up a bit without panting.

My weight training consisted of moving large pieces of exercise equipment. Picture this: A two-story garage on one side of the house and a storage building on the other. Here's what Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I moved:
  • A gym-quality, non-working Stairmaster from garage level one to storage building.
  • A weight bench and plates from one side of garage level one to the other.
  • A rowing machine from garage level two to garage level one.
And of course you can't move all that stuff without sweeping debris from the garage floor and vacuuming the carpet on level two, can you? I have a lovely kind of achy feeling in my upper back this morning. Like I actually used some muscles, instead of just going through the motions.


M@rla said...

You know, I like working out to music, it does get me pumped out and help me along, but when it comes to treadmilling or that type of exercise, I prefer listening to a podcast. It's a bit difficult for me to listen and also watch my timer for intervals, but music isn't entertaining enough during that type of workout.

I listen to a variety of music: I do have bands like ZZ Top, but also I've got Dave Brubeck on my workout track.

Laura N said...

Isn't it cool that you could use all those lovely muscles doing someting *real*? Everytime I pick up a 5 gallon glass water jug and put it into our water cooler, I think I'm just the bomb. It's a heavy mutha, and because DH has back problems right now, it's my job to keep the water flowing. I dare say, there aren't many women who could do it.

You are so right about needing more exercise. Probably we all do, I know I do. It's what keeps the metabolic fire going. Here's to working our bods hard and seeing results! Have a healthy, happy weekend, Debbi.