Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, it looks like I get another day to myself and the weekend trip will be cancelled. [Blog break alert cancelled, as well.]

The Middle of Nowhere is in the middle of yet another winter storm alert, this time for real. And Mr. Shrinking Knitter's flight, headed from out west for Atlanta, was cancelled. I probably knew about it before he did, since Delta was kind enough to send an update at 4 a.m.

Not that I saw it then, of course. I was still blissfully asleep.

Nope. More than likely he went all the way to the airport to find out he gets another crack at the Vegas blackjack tables.

Now to answer a couple of questions from yesterday's comments.

From Jeannie, regarding the too-big sweater: "I see so many women who make themselves clothes that are far too big. I think it may have to do with the self-image. Did you knit to gauge? Did you just pick the wrong size to knit?"
I did get the correct tension PRE-blocking, but the gauge changed after blocking. It was interesting – the sleeves grew, but the body got shorter, which was the opposite of what I would have preferred. I probably could have knit the next size smaller, but my experience with this pattern [Cottage Creations' Wonderful Wallaby] is that they tend to run small. Ah, well. I love to knit and enjoyed making it.
And from MPE: "How does the logging food work? it seems so tedious but i think i might need to start."
I use a program called CalorieKing to track my food and exercise. Since I'm still on dial-up [but have heard rumors that we're soon getting wireless or broadband or DSL, oh my], it took a long time for me to enter things in FitDay, which is probably the most popular online service. At the time I was ready to buy standalone software, CalorieKing was the only program that worked on the Macintosh platform. I've been very pleased with it.

SparkPeople is another great site to help you plan and track meals and exercise.
If anyone out there recommends something else, feel free to jump in with a comment.

So how did I do yesterday with nixing the evening snack, drinking tons o' water and logging
food? I'll take a high five for all three!

I highly recommend drinking water earlier in the day, rather than later, and definitely prior to 9 p.m., however. I'm just saying.

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Laura N said...

Sorry about hubby being delayed a while longer. I know you're anxious for him to be home.

Here's a High Five on your successful day!

Yeah, I know what you mean about late night drinking. I drink water pretty much non stop, including at night, and have usu. 1 or 2 middle of the night pees. No wonder I'm tired all the time. =)