Monday, January 14, 2008

Two outta three ain't bad

I experienced almost total football immersion this weekend and came away mostly happy with the results. The Colts won't be defending their championship, but Peyton's little brother fought for the chance to move the New York Giants to the next round, and Brett's Packers [now there's a Comeback Kid] will be the Giants' next opponent.

There's no question where my loyalty lies: I'll be rooting for the old guy.

That probably sounds like a foreign language to those of you who don't follow football. M@rla.
Heh. Translation:

Packers won.
Giants won.
Colts lost.

Thus the title of this post, with apologies to Meat Loaf.

Seven outta eight ain't bad, either. Saturday morning found me on my old, familiar four-mile road, ready to do an out-and-back eight-miler. I haven't run anything even close to that distance since November 4 – the City of Oaks Half-Marathon.

I didn't have to run fast – which is a good thing, because I never run fast – just farther than I have in far too long. I did pretty well [for me] the first four – 51:10 total time – but my ass was dragging most of the way back. I willed myself through the seventh mile by doing a 1:4 walk:run and by promising myself I could walk the last mile.
Total time was 1:32:13, for a 13:11 pace. The schedule suggested a 13:25 pace.

I wish I had a Garmin. Perhaps if I were able to slow myself down I could actually run for a longer period of time.

I'll tell you what, though – I felt old, old, old when I got back home.

Today is a grey, dreary day, with low clouds, no sun and the prediction of snow. It is, in fact, spitting those tiny little snow pellets right now. Mean little snow pellets, not those big, fat, friendly flakes that define the beauty of winter.

My, my, my I'm in a weird mood. Perhaps I need to release some endorphins. On the treadmill. Like, three miles' worth, maybe? Wish me luck.


Lori said...

I was totally rooting for the Packers. It was way cool with the snow and the linesmen having to scrape off the 10 yard lines.

I think in the past two years you've been doing really fantastic things to help you be healthier. I mean, trust me, never, ever underestimate that.

Laura N said...

We were bummed about the Colts, but they played so poorly we kind of felt like they deserved to lose. Not like anyone has a chance against the Patriots anyway. They just look unstoppable.

I missed the Green Bay game, but DH saw it and said it was incredible.

Good job getting in 8 miles. You are doing fab on your marathon training. You should really splurge on a Garmin. DH got mine for 1/2 price around the holidays on Amazon--is the 205, not the 305, but it works just fine. It's already helping me during my runs.

Have a good week, girl.

denise said...

I'm backing the Giants as Super Bowl Champions - not for any good reason other than that I didn't want to pick the Patriots 'cause I figured everyone else would (and mostly they did). So, the Giants have a slim chance of winning, but if they do, I'm guaranteed to win our company pool!

And, I don't have to feel bad if the Giants lose because - golly gee, I'm just a girl - I'm not supposed to know about football and such ;-) Mostly I like to win not for the prize but because it really ticks off the guys who live and breathe football and think they know what will happen (I have a mean streak if you haven't already figured it out).

SK - it's so impressive that you are training again - and in this winter weather. I can't even drag my butt out of bed to go do 20-30 minutes on the bike/treadmill most days. I'm very pathetic in the exercise area these days.

AND, 2 months off sugar - you're my HERO(ine)! Wish I could find my sugar off switch, but somehow mine seems to be stuck in the on position and with the turbo sugar button engaged as well...sigh...

Kia LaBracke said...

Inexplicably, my second son finds it imperative to be "loyal" to other football teams. Meaning non- GB Packer teams. (The days of my wearing Dallas Cowboy pj's at age 10, while my parents were, alternately, Vikings or 49'er fans, come to mind.)

I think he does it for two reasons. One, he loves animals. So any "animal team" trumps anyone else. Bears, Colts, Seahawks, Jaguars... okay, but he's not 100% insane. No Lions fan, at any time.

Did you read that correctly -- Da Bears! Which brings me to my second reason. Ticking off his dad.

For some reason, he also LOVES the NY Giants. So he was rooting for Dallas last weekend, just so GB wouldn't face "his" team in the division playoff.

As it was, Jack's wishes aside, we had a near-religious experience watching the Packers win and the Cowboys lose.

Dealing with Sunday? I'll check back with you.