Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Quote Day

Nobody succeeds
beyond her wildest expectations
unless she begins
with some wild expectations.

~ Ralph Charell

That quote holds such hope and excitement, promise and enthusiasm, doesn't it? If you're gonna dream, dream BIG!

I don't even know how to write about it, actually. I know right off the bat my expectations have usually been pretty tame. I suppose I rein them in to reduce the possibility of crushing disappointment. But … what would happen if I put something spectacular out there on the horizon?

Implicit in the quote is that along with the expectations must come some effort in order to achieve them. Success doesn't happen on luck and a promise; we need to plan, prepare, make an effort, do the footwork, recognize what works and ditch what doesn't. Who among us puts quite this much analysis into a project?

Maybe that kind of evaluation is exactly what's needed to achieve a great big goal.

Ya think?

Thanks so much for your thoughts yesterday on clutter-busting. I've heard of the study suggesting some people with weight issues also can be hoarders. Even Flylady has made the connection between body clutter and "stuff" clutter. I actually dug into the office "stuff" yesterday, and even wrote down several areas of interest I need to organize the "stuff" into. It's a start.

My mileage is on track so far this week, although I had to split the Wednesday run into two days. I've slacked off on drinking water again – I find it very difficult to drink two liters of water on a cold winter day. But I'm still on track with the other behavior changes and am astonished that I still haven't had an evening snack.

If you had a wild expectation, what would it be?


Crabby McSlacker said...

Good for you for doing so well on your goals--I struggle with the water thing too!

M@rla said...

That's an interesting theory about the clutter. I have to say I disprove it though - I'm all into order and stark efficiency, and my normal-weight hubby keeps boxes and boxes and boxes of junk. 'Cause you never know when you're going to need 112 capacitors (8 of which work) of 1985 vintage.

Laura N said...

As usual, I love your quote. I'm the same way with setting small goals--I hate being disappointed. You've asked a question that has made me think on the wild expectation thing. That will give my mind something to work on during my next run.

Yay for you staying on track with your training miles, AND for tackling the office stuff. Have a super weekend.

Mary Gee said...

I have found in my life that if I dream big, I tend to achieve the dream. Most of the time I dream pretty puny things though.

I think hoarding is related to weight gain. It is all about letting go and trusting there'll be enough - I think....