Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

This is a three-part post; I'll save the best for last.

Well, the Buckeyes could have played better last night, that's for sure. If you're a Bayou Bengal, congratulations – you were just a little hungrier than we were.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I weren't hungry at all, after we tucked into our party feast. We had guests though:

Seriously, I made so much food that we ended up putting the cheese tray back in the refrigerator. The only ones who sampled it were Molly, on the left, and Hershey. We humans demolished the vegetable platter – I felt so virtuous!

For Anne: My high-school senior class president went to OSU and got to dot the "I" in the Script Ohio at the Rose Bowl. I'll never forget watching that on television!

Yesterday's first training run went very well. The weather cooperated – no wind, mixed sun and clouds and temperatures in the mid-60s. I could have worn shorts – in January! In West Virginia! –
that's how warm it was.

My mission was to run three miles at a snail's 13:25 pace. I beat that handily [12:45], and though I wasn't at all swift, I felt great for the entire three miles. I was even able to kick it up a notch in the third mile.
I had fun!

Cross-training is on today's schedule, which will include some rowing and some weight work. The new issue of Runner's World has an article on the importance of core training [that links to a video, which I haven't watched since I'm on dial-up] which makes a lot of sense. I've been doing crunches all this week, which is a good start. But I can always do more, and the article has some good suggestions.

Today's Subject Line
Now for the good stuff.

A little more than a month ago, Mr. Shrinking Knitter handed the phone to me and said his son wanted to tell me something. Since his son is my running inspiration, I thought he might want to announce an upcoming event.

Well, he did, but it had nothing to do with running.

He and his wife are expecting.


And yesterday we learned they're all … boys!

Two are identical, one is fraternal, and their due date is June, but they'll most certainly be arriving early. The pregnancy is going well and all the babies are active and growing just as they should be. For that, we are truly grateful.

My list of knitting projects just got a lot bigger. Heh.


Grumpy Chair said...

Great title for your post! Congratulations!

LME said...

Congrats on the good news about the triplets.

I went to OSU for several years in grad school and loved it there. I absolutely don't follow sports, but was disappointed they didn't win.

Those are some cute dogs.

Lori said...

OH my gosh, I'm a day behind on the news. Lots of potential knitting projects for you! How exciting! (And I'm sure you're thinking, "I'm glad it's not me!")

Laura N said...

Great job on those 3 miles. So glad to hear you had a good run. I read that article on core training, too, and was really motivated to start doing planks & other abs stuff. Yeah, it's still on my to do list. Gotta get that going.

Wow, triplets! How exciting. We are friends with two couples who have had twins and then a 3rd baby 2ish years later, but don't know any triplet parents. The good thing about multiples is there's lots of support groups out there. Hopefully they can get lots of free stuff too. Forgive me for not knowing--are these their first babies? Or are they adding to their brood of ankle biters? Just curious. =)

Barbra said...

WOW!!! That's fantastic about the tripletts! and all boys! You better get those needles goin'.
I wish the bucs had played better too... but just being in that game is fantastic!
Were you able to cross-train outside today? Another beautiful one here... but that will change tonight I hear.

Anne M. said...

Triplets! Oh my, how wonderful! I'm glad they are growing well and are healthy. That's most important of all.

Congrats on a good training day - and the impending boys :)

mehitabel said...

That's wonderful news about the triplets! (Tell Mom to watch Jon and Kate + 8 for some inspiration!) I guess you'll need to knit three times as fast, or three times as long! I guess that Dad will have some running partners, eh?