Monday, January 07, 2008

Go, Bucks!

The Ohio State University fight song is on continuous loop on my iPod [not really, but I have played it today], the snacks are ready, I'm wearing my OSU sweatshirt [and it's far, far too hot for a sweatshirt but we do what we must] and it's two hours until the BCS Championship Bowl.

Am I psyched? You bet I am. I'm a transplanted Buckeye and tonight my heart is in Ohio.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter is even going to cheer for them, more to be loyal to me than to that state just north of here.

We've decided to not eat dinner tonight and instead we're having our own little football party, with a huge veggie tray [that's it on the left], hummus, cheese and crackers and shrimp cocktail. I've logged it all and guess what? I'm over my calorie limit for the day!

Snort. Tonight … who cares?

Are you ready for some football?!?


M@rla said...

Oh, you're something else. I can't STAND football! The only game I've seen in 30 years was the superbowl with the wardrobe malfunction. It was surprisingly a VERY exciting game -- I only watched it on a whim and had no idea it would be so cool. However, others have told me that it was exceptional, that most superbowls are dull because the teams play conservatively. Who knew? I thought they were all filled with streakers, nipples, and double-dog overtimes.

Barbra said...

Go Bucs!!!
I'm watching and cheering.
So far... so good! 10-0

Anne M. said...

I love to watch OSU play. I even love to watch the marching band where the tuba runs out to dot the I when they spell out "Ohio". May they give you a good game and a win at the end!