Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here's what six grams …

of Katia Sevilla pink ribbon looks like:

And here's what 444 grams – give or take – looks like:

Next up are the baby hats. I think I'll do a helix stripe in three colors with solid-colored cuffs – three different colors of cuffs, though. This definitely needs a visual to explain!

The first helix knitting I ever encountered was this pattern by Joan Hamer. I'm going to start my caps with a wide garter-stitch cuff knit sideways, like this:
You can snag the pattern for this cap here. That site is the very outdated and long-neglected site for the knitting guild in Blacksburg to which I used to belong. Guess who the webmaster was/is?

I thought I had jury duty this morning but it turns out that being called for duty doesn't necessarily mean you have to actually do anything. I'm supposed to call every Friday morning from now until mid-November to see if my services will be needed. No court today [one of the advantages of small-town living] – I feel like I got a day off!

My four-mile walk/run yesterday [thank you, Mar!a – it's 'running' from now on] was surprisingly tough after Sunday's performance. I felt a little hypoglycemic at one point – shaky, sweaty, lightheaded – and ended up walking almost all of the last half. I walked for about 70 minutes altogether; not nearly the efficient pace as the previous day. I think that's the way it goes, though. A couple of so-so days seems to always follow a particularly good one.

Thank goodness it's not like that with eating. I sure do like having my menus pre-planned for me.

Thanks once again for all your recent comments. You keep me motivated and inspired!


Marilyn B said...

Like the sweater, like the smile even better. You will look great on August 5th.

Annie said...

Debbi, the sweater is fantastic! Can we get a close up of what the ribbon looks like knit up?

I've made that baby cap with the sideways garter cuff many times. It's one of my favorite patterns.

Keep up the good work!

Mariah said...

YOu look fantastic!! The sweater is beautiful, but I agree with Marla, you are looking strong and stunning.

Jonathan said...

Debbi: You look great. I love your smile. I can barely knit my brow, let alone a sweater, so I'm totally impressed by your handiwork. And what a nice mannequin you've got now!!

Greta said...

I am very impressed by your lovely pink diamond top. You look stunning!

Also congratulations for keeping up the walking even on a day when you felt "punk". Going the distance is what counts for burning calories, not speed anyway. What is really terrific is how consistent you are.

The heat here is just killing me. It got up to about 110 on Saturday and hasn't been out of the 100's for DAYS. I still keep up my morning 3 mile walk with dogs but we've adjusted the time earlier and are out now about 6:45am which is horrible for my internal clock since I prefer to still be asleep at that time. In addition to the morning 3 miles, I normally walk another 3 miles several times a week later in the day with a friend of mine, but due to the heat we decided to move our walk into a gym yesterday. We did 35 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the elliptical. It was fun to see the digital readout that we had each burned about 400 calories and the AC was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful - love the smile and the sweater. Rona

Carrie said...

What a beautiful sweater! You look so pretty!

Stretchy said...

You look very fetching in pink - a bit like Doris Day --
How are you dealing with all that extra air I see all around you? You turn around too quickly and we'll have to call it a twirl. A natural twirl you'll have to adapt to, as it will get faster as you keep getting slimmer.

Mar!a said...

WOW! Diamond Patch looks fantastic and you look beautiful in it. Pink is your color! Now, remember how it all worked so you can help me whenever I start mine.