Monday, July 03, 2006

More than halfway there

I weighed myself on July 1 and recorded a one-pound loss; today's weight is the same (Monday is my usual weigh-in day). So one more pound this week is gone, and I'm more than halfway to goal. At the halfway point of the year, I'm very happy with my progress so far.

No time to write more – we still have guests, the computer is in the guest-wing side of the house and I'm trying to prepare a feast for later today. Hope you U.S. readers are enjoying a beautiful long weekend!


Stretchy said...

Hi Debbi,

Congrats on another pound gone 4-ever. I successfully navigated a birthday party so far this weekend. I get more not so nice comments and people staring at everything I eat NOW than back when I was heavy.
I felt pressured, but I kept track & ate reasonably.
I have to LEARN to allow myself to eat as I wish to, & not how others want me to eat-- (as in try this goodie or that..You're not having any ice cream? Are you DIETING????, C'mon! It is a special occasion! )
...My husband is also watching his sugar intake, so we shared 1 small slice of cake & didn't finish it. He isn't always with me so i have to learn to do want I want despite the comments and not go with the herd all of the time just to avoid a comment. I have to toughen up in this area.

Greta said...

Congratulations, Debbi!! Stretchy, it's difficult to go to gatherings. There is always food that doesn't fit with a weight loss/ weight maintenance way of life. In addition, folks don't want to eat alone. If they see you abstain from the sugary goodies then it makes them feel guilty for their own eating behavior. You did great and handled it well. Debbie, have a great time with your guests. Congratulations for not regaining any weight during their visit!

Mar!a said...

You look great in your progress photo! Not just thinner, you look happy and energized. Also, diamond patch is gorgeous...