Sunday, July 02, 2006

Or maybe we could just eat spinach

Odd little scientific discovery here.

Thanks for all your great comments yesterday, everyone. I know where to turn if I have trouble with maintenance – you all are such a wealth of knowledge and experience. I appreciate your thoughts, concerns and cheers! [Insert Smiley-Face Here!]


Greta said...

That's an interesting article. I have read some of what Dr. Fuhrman has written ("Eat to Live") and sometimes go to his discussion board on the Vegsource website and it's interesting that his diet is based heavily on greens (and beans with some whole grains, fruits, and starchy veggies plus a few nuts and flax seeds). Dr. Fuhrman is big on eating lots of greens for successful weightloss though the concept written about in that article is new. I always have to concentrate on eating greens because it's the one food group that does not come naturally to me. I love fruit and whole grains but have to WORK at getting my greens eaten. A lot of times I have a big spinach salad at lunch and cooked green veggies in the evening. When I relax and don't think about it, the greens seem to disappear from my diet because I don't like them well enough to seek them out.

Stretchy said...

have you tried those bags of frozen broccoli, etc... where you just microwave the whole bag? Between the frozen veg, fresh veg and bag salad, I get my greens. Frozen spinach goes well with Indian food and Italian food, so I'm always adding it to my dinners. The Fuhrman plan is how my weight melted off...but now that I am maintaining, I eat less veg than when I was losing-- but I still eat a lot of greens. I got used to it after a couple of tough months, now I crave them the way i used to crave pasta . weird.