Friday, July 07, 2006

Let's have some fun!

Those angryfatgirlz are at it again, with an intriguing post about a therapeutic technique called treasure mapping.

I did one more than 15 years ago [sorry for the bad scan], at the beginning of my sobriety, which coincided with the last time I got divorced. [There are three former Mr. Shrinking Knitters. Those of you in recovery will recognize multiple marriages as one of the more common qualifications for membership in a 12-step program.]

I was all about being independent, trying to discover why I'd always felt the need to be connected to An Other, searching for the strength to carry on without either of my crutches – a husband or alcohol. It's the only time I've ever done one – and I didn't know I was "treasure mapping," by the way. I was just playing. It killed some time, kept me absorbed and cleaned out the magazines.

Just playing.

I don't play much any more. Playing, for me, needs to have a purpose. Knitting produces something to wear or give as a gift. I do a little [very little, lately] scrapbooking and cardmaking; the former preserves memories, the latter end up in a gift shop for sale. I don't send cards, I make them. Heh.

Last week when the Spousal Equivalent and I were getting the house ready for our company, he turned on some oldies music and I started dancing. I had so much fun, but even that was combined with the work of running the sweeper, dusting and decluttering.

This losing weight deal is hard work. Exercising, food shopping, cooking, logging, record-keeping ['cause I'm geeky – you don't have to chart statistics, but I do] … they all take time and effort and, well, work.

If you're on SparkPeople's "Healthy Reflections" mailing list, here's what you got in this morning's message:
The importance of not being too grown up
Children are so convinced of their ways and implicitly trust in their own instincts. Clearly if it tastes good, it must be good for you! Delight in the experiences of your youth today. Reflect upon the simple pleasures of carefree living. What can you do to indulge yourself in a healthy way? Put down the bills and laundry and have a tea party or puppet show. Take a spin on the swing set or jump on the bed. Not only will you burn off some energy, but you'll also be taken back to an innocent, worry-free time in your life. A time when you wore pajamas with feet and weren't such a big girl. Remember the importance of an occasional childlike moment.
So on this Friday Quote Day, with just a weekend to go until the All-Star game, let's all think about what Crash said in my all-time favorite baseball movie:
"So relax! Let's have some fun out here! This game's fun, OK? Fun goddamnit."


Jonathan said...

"Children are so convinced of their ways and implicitly trust in their own instincts" -- this describes my life partner to a tee. I am such a square. A curmudgeon. No fun at all. But he, on the other hand, loves to giggle, do silly tricks, and would MUCH rather jump on the bed than make it. Well... they say opposites attract! -J

jen said...

Thanks for the link! That map says a lot, doesn't it, about your state of mind when you made it?

I think that a little playing is in order, shrinking knitter, because you obviously have a great sense of fun.

I think Jonathan's idea of the fun one/square isn't fair. In my experience, squares can be incredible silly fun when they let their wild side out a little.