Monday, July 17, 2006

Short and sweet

I have a smashogram scheduled for 8:30 this morning and have to drive an hour to get to the hospital, so this'll be short and sweet … just like me. Heheheh.

Loss this week: 4 [FOUR] pounds! Whoopee! I'm so glad to be lower than I was before the Fourth of July. That's a grand total of 38 since the first of this year, about a 1.3 pound-per-week average.

Was it worth that gain a couple weeks ago from eating half a pound of low-fat lunch meat, [as well as other assorted not-on-plan food], while our guests were here? What do you think?
Intentional activity this week averaged 74 minutes per day. One day was very light, and I wasn't feeling well at all Saturday [lightheaded, weak, chills, dizzy – and it was completely gone by Sunday morning] and did nothing. I'm okay with not walking when I'm ill, but I want to try to do more this week. Today has to be my rest day, since I'm headed out early and have an evening commitment as well.

I ate an average of 1192 calories per day. A couple days were very low, and one was pretty high. The new food scale is going to give me a more accurate indication of exactly what I'm taking in each day, which is a Good Thing.

That's it ... gotta go get smashed.


Vickie said...

You new scale sounds just wonderful! Are you still tracking calories or more since you are now high tech???

Greta said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's tremendous for one week and my guess would be that some of that sodium from the sandwich meat affected your weigh-in last week. What you may have seen was water weight not fat gain last week. You are doing TERRIFIC. Looks like the visit from relatives did not make a difference.

Debbi said...

Vickie, I'm only tracking calories ... too lazy, or maybe just not interested in anything more. Maybe I should be tracking sodium, though!

I'm sure the salty lunch meat affected my weight, Greta. Just wish it would go away as quickly as it piles on! It's kind of fun to see a four-pound downward shift from one week to the next, but I know it's not all fat loss.

Stretchy said...


I have been tracking fiber grams for awhile-- I find I can eat more calories and still lose weight when I get my fiber. Since I have been maintaining, I found I was eating less fiber. Once I added it back in I could eat more and not worry so much. (My original weight loss diet was a food specific diet with a lot of fiber, and a lot of calories, as I allowed myself as much veg and fruit as i wanted on any given day.... anyway...I should have known better than to cut too far back on cals and fiber while re-introducing processed foods and dinners out) I was maintaining OK but things are better for me if I eat a big salald or some fruit before going out to dinner, and I eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of egg whites.
The nice thing about a food journal is you can see patterns and re-jump-start yourself out of plateaus and ruts.