Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where is ...


I e-mailed her a week or so ago and haven't heard a thing. You can see from her blog that she hasn't posted in a while.

She was one of my inspirations when I started shrinking in January. Would love to hear from her, or from anyone who knows what she's up to.


loretta123 said...

I miss her too. Thanks to her I've read SuperFoods RX & now Ultrametabolism. I hope she'll post soon so I can let her know how grateful I am for her thoughtful posts.

Greta said...

I have never seen her blog until you just mentioned it today. Everything may be OK. It's the time of year for vacations so she may have left town for a trip. However she posted this on June 22:

<<< In general, if I’m not posting and I’m not traveling, it’s probably not a good sign. Yes, the eating has been not so hot, and that has been contributing (along with my very horrible work situation) to a pretty depressing state.>>>