Friday, July 21, 2006

Going nowhere

The difference between a jogger
and a runner is an entry blank.

~George Sheehan

Running for fitness is something I do occasionally; mostly I walk. I like the feeling of running – well, okay, jogging – but my body rebels for a couple days afterward.

I wonder how Eric Blake felt when he got off his treadmill? Go read it; I'll wait.

It never ever occurred to me that people run marathons on treadmills. Yesterday I wrote that I needed the distraction of music to get through a four-mile walk outside. I'd be ready for an I-love-me jacket if I ran 26 miles on a treadmill.

Actually, I'd probably be ready for Intensive Care, if not the morgue.

While I was walking yesterday a doe saw me from a distant field. She watched me for a little while, decided I might be a threat to her twin fawns, and shepherded them to safety in the woods. A flock of shy wild turkeys heard me coming and skittered off down a hillside, away from that dangerous human. I found a key on a keyring and the remote control from a car stereo system. And I was listening to music.

I need distractions, people! Distractions! When it's too cold, rainy or snowy to walk or run outside, then I'll use the treadmill. But only if I'm watching television and then only for about 45 minutes max.

Twenty-six miles? Two hours twenty-four [okay 23 plus 58 seconds] minutes? On a treadmill?

The Spousal Equivalent's marathon-running son is visiting us tonight. I can't wait to ask him when he's going to try to break the treadmill marathon record.

As for Eric, according to his bio, his favorite quote is:
Enjoy the daily grind.
I'll have mine with sugar-free creamer, please.

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Vickie said...

I did 20 minutes on treadmill yesterday - was ready to get off and noticed something (called I think "Exit") on MTV. It is a "beautiful person" in a SUV followed by 5-6 people of the opposite sex in a bus. The Beautiful person interviews the bus people, one at a time, looking for one to keep/date. I was just mesmorized by this really weird show. SUV followed by bus and this very odd interview going on. I am 45 and live in a very small world - MTV is a whole other planet to me. I ended up on the treadmill for 32 extra minutes just staring mindlessly at this ridiculous show . . . 52 minutes never went by so fast.