Saturday, July 08, 2006

We have a winner!

If you have a Bellsouth account, your ISP is based in Jackson, Mississippi, and you visited here yesterday at about 1:50 p.m. Central Time, congratulations!

What do you win? My heartfelt gratitude, because you are the 5000th visitor to the Shrinking Knitter, and she thanks you very much. Heh.

I'm slowly getting back on the food track, doing what works for me. The scale hasn't budged, which is more than discouraging, but I have to remember how sluggish my metabolism is at this stage of my life. [I'm in my dotage, you know.] Salt Bloat: It's a Bad Thing. Mar!a can retain water with the best of us, but also sheds it at an impressive rate. I'm so not there yet.

Some of the fun things I did yesterday: Played two games of Super Scrabble, read a knitting magazine, took a non-fitness walk with the Spousal Equivalent [SE] and created a new website*, which isn't ready for prime time yet. I did not mow the lawn or dust-mop the floor. I know some of you are probably wondering when hell is going to freeze over. Did you hear? The Shrinking Knitter didn't clean her floor last Friday!

Today, though, the lawn gets mowed, or I'll have to hire my neighbor to cut and bale it. The SE has some typing for me to do, the laundry is again piling up, and I need to work on the pink ribbon knitting project. None of these jobs are hard, and they do offer a sense of satisfaction upon completion. Not exactly fun, but gratifying.

So. What did you do for fun yesterday?

*Creating a website is lots of fun, in my opinion. Maintaining it is the work part. Kind of like maintaining a weight loss. Hmmmm.


Mariah said...

For fun I went blueberry picking in the morning. In the afternoon I stayed home while the ol' man took all the children to the pool. I watched old episodes of West Wing. We went downtown for First Fri and saw lots of friends. There were lots of bumps in the road, but all in all a fun day.


PS -- No one, really, no one was surprisd that I DID NOT wash my floor.

Marilyn B said...

I read yesterday afternoon. No TV on in the house with DH gone for four days to help a friend at his ranch. Ahhhh! Quiet. Also did water aerobics for the 7th day this month. I love that.

Be at ease Debbi, that extra weight WILL come off. I forgot to report to you that I had a half pound loss last week. Not sure how this week will do.

loretta123 said...

Your line about creating (exciting) versus maintaining (boring) makes so much sense to me. I knew it about myself when it comes to knitting (sleeves, ugh!), decluttering (I love doing that first drawer, but…) and general household projects (one shower wall grouted, the others languishing as the materials clutter up the tub). But I never considered how that aspect of my personality relates to weight loss and/or fitness. Much food for thought. Thanks!

BTW, I went to a meeting, finished a pair of socks and got my daughter’s room ready for her & a friend who are visiting this weekend. Oh, and lunch after the meeting—-don’t want you to think the day was without challenges and minor failures LOL!

Sandra Bennett said...

Howdy Neighbor...

great blog; best of success on the weight're doing well!

Check out and see what we're up to in southwest VA and the rest of the world.



Greta said...

Yesterday for fun I went for a walk with my friend Jessica along a shaded canal. Today she and I and her husband went to the county fair. I was in a clogging (dance) performance at the fair and then we walked the entire fairgrounds looking at all the commercial exhibits and seeing baby (and adult) animals. My favorite was the Chinese acrobats, especially the young boy who did a high-wire act...handstand on a ladder on the wire, bicycle on the wire, etc. These young, strong, flexible kids were in a totally different state of fitness from most any people in the audience including myself.

Mar!a said...

What do you mean, I can retain water "with the best of them"?? Girlie, I am THE best of them.

It's so wonderful to be Number One at something...

mehitabel said...

Dang--you mean we're supposed to have FUN too? Maybe I need to work on some way to include that in my life, instead of just work (now, it's not a bad job, but it's work) and housework (which I can neglect with the best of them) and trying to figure out where the hell my life is going (straight to hell, as near as I can figure). Okay, I'll see what I can do for fun today.