Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summertime, and the livin' is ... hot

We had a teaser of a day last Sunday, the promise of fall, when the temperature was in the upper 70s or low 80s and the humidity was something like 50 percent. A day like that is a gift in late July here in the Middle of Nowhere. One day of relief, and it's back to hot, hazy and humid again. Yesterday I started my 6.6-mile loop at about 9:15 a.m. I was soaked with sweat I was glowing when I got back home at about quarter 'til eleven. So today I'm going to try to get on the road around 8 a.m.

We're definitely not in a drought situation this year, and my little garden is doing well. I have far too many banana peppers, and probably hundreds of Roma tomatoes. Of course the tomatoes are green and the peppers are ripe. Last week I also had far too many tomato worms, but I dusted the plants, sucked up my squeamishness when it comes to bugs and picked off all that I could find. [Of course I was wearing gloves!] The day after I put the dust on the remaining worms had turned black. They're very easy to find now. A few tomatoes look like they might have some blossom rot, which was the other thing that wiped out last year's crop. I'm hoping for the best.

Is that not the weirdest looking creature you've ever seen? True confession: That photo was taken last summer. I wasn't messing around this year doing a photo shoot when I had to go raid the garden department for something to destroy the destroyers.

So here's a good thing about losing weight in the summer, for me anyway. I usually don't feel like eating much when it's hot. Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and a stir-fry of chicken, mushrooms, garlic and spinach for dinner, which was supposed to have been served over whole-wheat pasta. It was easy to skip the pasta. I didn't feel like boiling water or eating a heavy carb like pasta late in the day.

Two of the baby hats are done, and I've started the cuff of the third. I found out that two of the triplets weigh slightly more than four pounds, while the third weighs less than two. So one of the hats is very small. They're turning out nicely – much better than the bibs did. Next up will be finishing the Shapely Tank I started mumble-mumble weeks ago, before I got sidetracked with the Diamond Patch.

And then, with any luck, I can break out the wool and start making things for cold weather again. It can't come too soon.

P.S. Did you read Bo's good news?


loretta123 said...

Guess you saw that Beth checked in on her blog. Good to hear from her. I admire your efforts in the garden; I'm a wuss when it comes to heat and bugs.

jen said...

You have to admit, as pesky as they are, tomato worms are pretty cool-looking.

I was a tomboy and I know they're pretty squishy too if you smash them. :)

Greta said...

We've been having a horrible heat wave. My husband is an early bird, always rising while it's still dark, so I have been trying to help by getting up at 6:30am so we can get out and walk by 6:45am. Normally I SLEEP until 8am so this is a huge stretch for me but worth it. From 9-11 you REALLY would not want to be outside here. Not even from 8-10.

I am so envious of your veggie garden. I tried once and the only thing I was able to grow was jalapeno peppers. All the tomato and lettuce died.

Greta said...

I know you've been distressed by Beth at Act Boldy blog going missing. I thought that the "Half of Me/Pasta Queen" blog had an interesting commentary that relates to that today:

"I was thinking there should be "missing" flyers for lost bloggers. We've all seen it happen. The time between their posts starts getting longer and longer. Or they only pop in to write the "Gee whiz! I sure haven't posted lately, have I?" post which reveals absolutely nothing. If your blog's only purpose has become to talk about your blog, congratulations, it's become just as useful as Par1s H1lton. (Okay, that was harsh. No one and no thing should ever be compared to Par1s H1lton.)

On most blogs if someone stops coming around I figure they've gotten bored of the process. The new toy is not as shiny. Writing something on a regular basis is work and if you don't love it or get your ego constantly stroked by your readers (Hey there, people! Kisses! XOXO) you'll probably quit eventually. However, when a weight loss blogger goes missing it usually just means one thing.

They've started gaining weight. (Or they got a life, but usually it's the weight thing.)"

Milinda said...

If you have neighborhood ducks, they will love you forever if you feed them the hormworms.