Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's your limit?

That was how I greeted my daughter when she returned my call yesterday as I sat in the doctor's office. I'd arrived 15 minutes early for a 9:30 a.m. appointment. I think she called at 11. And, yes, I had my knitting with me but I was bored and irritated and it was more fun ranting to/with her than sitting there steaming in a paper gown. [Isn't that a lovely mind picture? Heh.]

When he finally did show up, about 10 minutes later, he was profusely apologetic with all kinds of excuses. [None of which was, "I was delivering a baby."] But still. I told him if I hadn't had to drive an hour to get there I'd have left an hour earlier.

At any rate, that's done for another year. And it's always good to have someone compliment you on your accomplishments. Total weight loss from last visit [in March] to yesterday's was 29 pounds. And he said there's no way he could run a half-marathon.

If his office wasn't so far away I'd go there for my weekly weigh-in. Those scales were two pounds lighter on Wednesday morning than mine were on Tuesday morning.

Speaking of knitting – which I haven't been doing much of lately – I'm so not in love with the baby sweater I've been making, and I think I'm just going to toss it. It's a top-down raglan. While the
width of the sweater and sleeve looks like it would fit a newborn, the depth of the raglan like looks more toddler-like. The yarn wasn't terribly expensive and I have plenty more, so I'm not even going to reclaim what I've used. Into the trash it goes. Lesson learned: I had second thoughts about this after I put the sleeve stitches on holders, but I kept on knitting, thinking it would end up okay. It's. Just. Not.

I've finished the felted toys I talked about a while ago, but they're still blind [they're for my expected granddaughter, so I need to stitch the eyes on instead of sewing on googly eyes]. Once they're really finished, I'll post photos. They're so cute; even Mr. Shrinking Knitter, who doesn't pay much attention to knitted toys, was impressed.

I went straight to the mall [such as it is] from the doctor's office to get new running shoes, so they'll get their first workout today. I'm now officially a New Balance girl; my last pair were great and I wouldn't even try another brand, which kind of amused the salesperson. I just wish these were white and white, or white and grey, or white and pink, instead of white and ... coral? Orange? Oh, well, they fit, and they're not for style, they're for business – the business of running.

I was so, so tired when I got home yesterday that all I did was read e-mail/blogs and watch television. No exercise at all yesterday. Dr. Oz would not be happy about that.

This article
at the Runner's World website says when Lance Armstrong is training for the Tour de France he increases his daily calories from 3000 to 6000.

Maybe I should take up biking.


jeannie crockett said...

6000 a day? What can he possible eat? LOL, thanks for my morning "can you believe this?"
Hmmm. I may try the New Balance shoes since you like them so much. My feet are hurting---on the bottom as if from the pounding on the treadmill or the road. I've always worn Nikes but I weigh more now, and I'm older, too.
Please hurry and give sight to your animals--I'm anxious to see them.

PastaQueen said...

I've always been a fan of New Balance because they stock lots of wide width shoes. It's too bad they don't sell "skins" or cozies for running shoes like they do for iPods. Then we could all have comfy shoes that were also stylin'. Maybe you could knit something? :)

Jack Sprat said...

Okay, you are the Queen of Patience. Last week I biked the 2 minutes to my shrink's office to arrive 5 minutes early, and when he ran 10 minutes over with the previous client I was LIVID.

Good thing there weren't any cookies around.


jodi said...

my ob/gyn always keeps me waiting - first its in the waiting room and then its in the exam room, never fails... and i can never be angry because he's adorable and has always been incredibly nice to me thru some rough times... they really could make those gowns out of something else, less 'papery'... ;o)

ws said...

I'm very, very impatient, and as a result I go once a year for the fun yearly exam and the only other condition in which I want to visit a medical facility is if I arrive by ambulance. I diligently peck away at my blackberry when I wait, fascinating small children.

I know nothing about knitting, except that I like to wear wool sweaters and they have no place in South Florida, so I'll skip to the sneaker discussion. I still suffer from having to "break-in" sneakers, so I'm rarely that excited about a new pair. However, an orange pair of sneaker makes me happier than any other color (you'll notice any race picture I post I'm usually wearing orange). I split miles between two pairs of New Balances' 755 (orange and silver) and 902 (blue, since the orange ones are mens). The 902's are great sneakers, but apparently not very durable...

Unfortunately, biking burns fewer calories than running, though at times I think it is much more enjoyable. I'm supposed to eat 2600 calories a day (though at one time there was talk of up to 3500) and it is a chore eating that many healthful calories a day. (Dry cereal and peanut butter apparently don't count).

hope you enjoyed the workout in the new sneakers...sorry so long-winded today.