Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Quote Day

I feel the need …
the need for speed!
Maverick and Goose, Top Gun

Okay, I'm so lame. I forgot it was Friday! This quote works for what I posted an hour ago, doncha think?

Just don't start thinking I've got any love for Tom Cruise. I don't. He was pretty cute in Risky Business and I must've watched Top Gun a hundred times [I owned a video store when it was released on video. And I'm a pilot, so the aerial stunts were pretty awesome.]. Thus endeth my admiration for TC.

Back to your regularly scheduled day.


ws said...

I was totally going to comment earlier. It would have read "wait, it is Friday. I need a quote..."

Mrs. Incredible said...

I too loved Top Gun and was a pilot in my BK (before kids) days! Can't stand TC...Love your blog! Have a great weekend!