Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More ripples

I walked into the hairdresser's yesterday afternoon and one of the owners looked me up and down and said, "Debbi, you've really been dropping the weight!"

Followed, of course, by the inevitable, "How'd you do it?"

The funny thing is, I'm wearing the same sizes I wore last summer and fall. I'm not smaller at all. But as Jen said in her comment yesterday, I'm leaner, and even I can see that. I also know how to dress to camouflage my most unfortunate parts.

Yesterday that meant a pair of black slacks, a beige-and-white striped tunic top with a wide neckline and three-quarter length sleeves and a pair of beige suede sandals. [I'm a neutral. Heh.]

According to most fashion consultants, in print and on the tube, the "right" length for a top for someone my height [5'2" on a good day] and weight [mumble-mumble] is high-hip. To me, I look like I don't really care that I'm six months pregnant and if you don't like how I look it's your problem. The right fabric in a tunic-length top skims over all those lumps and bumps, making me not only look better, but feel better, as well.

Anyway, everyone at the salon knows I'm a runner [Hey! I'm a runner!], and they weren't surprised when I gave running the credit for my transformation. But for the first time, they were curious. How long had I been running, when did I start, is it hard and, most surprising of all, how could they – all of them – start?

So I told them about the Couch to 5K plan at Cool Running and they're going to check it out. I made them promise to call me when they decided which 5K they were going to run so I could go, too.

Ripples, baby, and I'm not talkin' about wine. [Do they still make and sell Ripple rotgut wine?]

I did my weight-training when I got home from the haircut appointment. No running yesterday, but today is a six-miler, and I'll do it on my hilly road instead of driving to a flatter route – partly because it's more convenient and partly because I have a flat tire. I started out last night for the prison and heard this unusual noise coming from the rear of the car, turned around as soon as I could and limped back into the garage. Triple-A can be here anytime I need them today, so I think I'll run first, while it's cool, and then give them a call.

May all your tires stay inflated, as long as you need them.


Laura N said...

I love reading about your running adventures and enthusiasm. Just wanted to let you know. Running is, I'm learning, one of the secrets of skinny people. I plan to be one of those skinny people soon! =)

Jack Sprat said...

Hey Debbi: I just wanna say "I told you so!!" It wasn't just smarmy-ness on my part when I told you way back when that prepping for a race might not show up on the scale, but it sure will show up on the body! THis is based on many, many observations of people doing the same.

So kudos to you for sticking with it, having fun, and INSPIRING others!


ws said...

that's awesome that everyone noticed! Hope you were able to get triple AAA to fix the tire and you had a stress free six miler...

Lori said...

You get used to seeing yourself every day and it took someone else to point out how successful you've been with the running and the food.

You stuck with it, you were successful, you had fun and you're still running. How cool is that?

MaryGinder said...

How great to have that kind of wonderful feedback! (I used to drink ripple - great stuff, 89 cents a bottle back in the day!)