Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The dawn's early light

A very noisy bird in the birch tree by my bedroom window started chirping at about 5:30 a.m. I totally could have slept in this morning! But. It. Wouldn't. Shut. Up. Of course once I actually got up and made coffee, it did. Shut up, that is.

I ran four miles [on a flat road] yesterday in 48 minutes. Took the iPod with me for the first time in weeks, and it felt good to be running to music again. I'd hoped to be a little faster, but that's not my real goal right now. I had fun! It was cool starting out, but I warmed up quickly and felt great when I was done, a feeling that lasted the rest of the day.

Today is a weight-training day; I will be sure to eat something and be well-hydrated before I start. I don't want a repeat performance of Sunday's little heart flutters.

I'm up a pound from last Tuesday, which means I'm averaging a 1.5-pound-per-week loss at this point. Heh. Gotta find the positive spin, right? I was down a pound yesterday morning, and I know I didn't gain two pounds in one day, so I'm not sweating today's number too much.

I dreamed Sunday night that I missed a plane. It was quite real and vivid, and I asked Mr. Shrinking Knitter what it might mean. His training was more along the Rational Emotive Therapy line than in Freud's dream interpretation, so I had to go web-walking to find some insight. Dreaming of missing a boat or a plane can mean that you feel you've missed some opportunity in your waking life; you're too late; you can't make a connection, that you need to pull yourself together to make the connections you desire. I'm supposed to ponder these questions:

  • Where are you going in your dream?
  • Why are you going there?
  • What is it that makes you feel you are "too late" or that you don't have what you need to take your part on the stage of life?
  • What are you currently trying to accomplish in your waking life?
  • What's missing for you to do your job properly or to get what you want?
  • How can you better prepare yourself for what you want to do?
I'm not even sure now that I want to explore it. But is was a very realistic dream. My first thoughts after reading the questions were that it related more to weight loss than to running, knitting, my little home-based business, my volunteer work or my family relationships. I don't think it's too late to continue working toward a weight-loss goal.

Is it?


jodi said...

i think dreams can be interpreted in many ways - the same goes for palm and tarot card readings and horoscopes... its all in how you take what's being said and then applying to your life... and i certainly don't think its too late to have a weight loss goal, or any other goal for that matter... you need to do what makes you happy... :o)

ws said...

Sometimes the late night residents that make noise in the hot tub (2 levels below my window) will wake me up, but no wildlife ever does it...

I'm infinitely jealous that you had a runners high yesterday...

George Eliot said "It's never too late to be who you might have been." And, I'd agree that you have plenty of time (and dedication) to reach your weight loss goal.

MaryGinder said...

The birds wake me at about 4:30 every morning. I don't mind though... I love to hear them.

Marilyn said...

I recently found your blog and I really like it. When I taught psych, my high school students and I would have great conversations about dreams. Some questions that I asked them that seemed to be helpful in understanding dreams --
1. Identify the theme of the dream, just as you would a short story or novel.
2. Are there other people in the dream? Do you know them or are they strangers? Is their gender significant, in terms of their behavior in the dream?
3. Is this a recurring dream?
4. Can you relate the theme of the dream or any of the characters to struggles you have had in your life?
I am a knitter and I have struggled for years with my weight, sometimes successfully, more often not.
Thanks for your writing; it is helpful to me. Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Maybe it means it's too late to QUIT striving towards your weight loss goal! Or, it's too late to go back to being an inactive, non-athletic, unconsciously unhealthy person I assume you once were. So, you're now stuck with the new, consciously healthy, athletic, inspirational person that you've become and continue to improve upon! Sorry, looks like the plane to couch-potato land took off without you...

(P.S. I suggest you leave the airport, as there seem to be frequent and affordable flights to couch-potato land - and the return flights are quite expensive and few and far between!)