Saturday, May 12, 2007

Love the quotey love!

Thanks to everyone who contributed their quotes/thoughts in the comments yesterday. So many good things to think about! I especially liked the St. Francis of Assisi quote: "Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." That's exactly how I finished the half-marathon.

So yesterday was a better day, although I waited to do the run until it was uncomfortably warm. It was not pretty. I wanted to do the 6.6-mile loop, but only did four miles, and it took an hour. That's walking, not running! I also did a half-hour of weight training, making three sessions this week. I'm ahead of schedule on bumping up from two to three.

Considering that Friday is supposed to be a rest day, finishing four hot, humid miles was quite an accomplishment. Today is my long run day, and I'll be going down to the four-mile-long road that runs along the river for an eight-mile loop. Soon, since it's supposed to hit 80 again today. I'm looking forward to a nice, long, flat, no-pressure run.

Running hasn't been much fun this week. Perhaps I'm having delayed-onset post-race letdown. Maybe I need to go back to the same four-mile loop I was using during training – a flat, pretty, quiet road where I could really hit my stride, such as it is. Heh. It kind of sucks to have to drive there, but it sucks more for running to feel so much like work.

A few days ago, in an impulsive moment, I ordered a tiny little expensive video of me crossing the finish line in Nashville. [I totally need to figure out how to charge $15 for one minute's worth of something. Anything! Well, almost anything.] I got an e-mail yesterday that the clip was available for download and half an hour later [hate you, dial-up!] I was able to watch it. It's set to music, includes many angles – the starting line, the Kenyans, the bands – and then there at the end they have two views of me-me-me, smiling and stumbling across the line.

I want her enthusiasm. I want her sense of accomplishment. I want her confidence and power and pride.

I want that woman back. Does that mean I have to start training for another race already?

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MaryGinder said...

That woman is still there Debbi. You will find her again.