Thursday, May 03, 2007

On the road again

I feel like a kindergartener. [And is there any better way to feel, all enthusiasm and joy and anticipation?] My workout calendar has three stars on it already – gold for weight-training, red for walking and blue for … ta-dah … running!

I seriously didn't think I'd run again until Saturday or Sunday, but I started out at a fast walk yesterday up the first hill on my road and just couldn't help myself at the crest. I ran almost the entire remainder of the four-mile route. My son-in-law has already started running again; perhaps I don't want him to outdo me. Heh. But it doesn't seem to have hurt me physically, and it certainly helps mentally. I can almost feel those little endorphins running around my system.

I crossed off each of yesterday's three meals on my menu calendar and the only extras I ate were two Healthy Choice Fudge Bars – those things are da bomb when you want some chocolate. They seriously don't taste healthy at all.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter has requested spinach lasagna for dinner, so I'll throw that together this morning and then probably head to a Major Shopping Vicinity about an hour away from here to pick up a part for the lawnmower. This part was replaced last year around July 4; hard to believe it would fail so soon. Part of the yard has been mowed; the remainder looks like a hayfield.

And the water pump is once again delivering "fizzy" water, so I need to call the guy who installed it just a week ago to see what's up with that.

I think I want to move to a condo.


FindingONEderland said...

Congrats on the race and doing so well and picking right back up on everything. You are turning into quiet the athlete.

I grew up with spring water and I remember what a pain it was when the pump would mess up. Hope that gets taken care of soon.

Jack Sprat said...

Gosh, for the first time ever I disagree with you about something! I feel so bad ... its just that I find those Healthy Choice fudgesicles to be tasteless!!! Definitely not pointsworthy. The WWer brand ones are bigger and better IMHO (and no, I don't make commission on those!).

How exciting that you are back into running mode so soon. That's just proof of the fact that running is a part of who you are now. You can introduce yourself at parties by saying "Hi, I'm Debbi. I'm a knitter and a runner. What do you do?"


Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who lives in a condo, that won't solve your problems - just change them.

For example, I need to get some plumbing work done in my unit that will require that the water be shut off. Unfortunately, we don't have a water shutoff for each unit or even each building - the water has to be shut off to the entire complex! That means making up signs, posting them on the doors of all the buildings, doing it ahead of time, and finding a plumber who will show up on time and do the work when the sign says he will. No easy task, that last one!

It's cool that you're running again so soon. Keep up the good work.


ws said...

I'm just amused that you are going to "throw" a spinach lasagna together. I cook for myself, but I've been living in my current condo for 16 months and have never used the oven. Of course, I've never operated a lawnmower either, I always preferred to mulch. Hope today's workouts were equally succesful.