Monday, May 21, 2007

About that pain

It's gone. Just like that. I took a day off and it feels fine.

To address some of your welcome and thoughtful comments, I also thought it might be a callous forming. I'm surprised at the pin-prick aspect of it, though. I didn't think the center of the callous – that is what it looks like – would be so exquisitely tender. The fact that there's one on my left foot as well, and it doesn't hurt, also baffles me, but perhaps it just formed more efficiently. Heh.

I wear Thorlo cushioned socks, and because I'm a quirky kinda gal I wear them inside out. Works for me. ws recommended these, and they're awfully darned cute! Who knew specialty socks could be so fun? And they claim to be the most comfortable socks I'll ever wear. Guess I'll order a pair to find out.

ws also said, "Running shoes are supposed to last 400 miles?" I've always read that you can expect them to last anywhere from 300 to 600 miles. Since that pair wasn't, as running shoes go, terribly spendy, I think 400 miles was about their limit.

Jen suggested maybe my shoes were laced too tightly. I thought of that, as well, and even stopped after a couple of miles on Saturday to relace them, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

I'll try again today. It felt kinda good to be a slug yesterday. I wasn't totally sluggy – I mowed three acres, but it was on a riding mower so I can't really count it as exercise. It was just me pretending to be a farmer. Heh. I didn't even lift weights yesterday. That means two days on this month's calendar are without stars.

Are you as totally bored with my foot pain as I am? Thought so!

Congrats to Mary Christine for finishing her first half-marathon! One down; hopefully many more to go.

It's supposed to rain here today and tomorrow, but it's nice right now. Even though it's earlier than I usually head out, I think I'll get the walk/run over with for the day, before I lose my window of opportunity.

Thanks again for all your ideas and thoughts … I hope I've magically healed myself. If only I could figure it out, I'd surely pass it on!


MaryGinder said...

I am so glad to hear that your pain is gone. And thanks so much again!

jen said...

Glad to hear it's better. :) You get so much advice.... I'm sure sometimes that gets annoying. Hope you have a good day today.

ws said...

magic healing is good - hope everything went well on the run today.

Lori said...

That's so wonderful! I'm glad to hear that.

Keep up the good work!