Friday, May 18, 2007

It must have been the shoes

I bought my first pair of New Balance shoes three months ago. At that time I was running [if you could call it that] four miles on hills in 58 minutes. My fastest four-mile hill time in those shoes was 49:26.

My fastest four miles ever, on the flat road next to the river, was 47 minutes, about a month ago.

Yesterday? 46:48 on hills!

Yeah, me!

It feels kind of funny-clunky walking in them, but those shoes were fo'-sho' made for running.

Yesterday got all messed up. I'd intended to do six miles, but the pump-and-well guy called to say they had the equipment they needed to make the last [we hope] fix to our water system and could they come at noon? If I'd known Wednesday I would have run very first thing in the morning. As it turned out, I barely had enough time to do four. The truck was pulling into the driveway as I was getting out of the shower. [I wasn't sure how long the water would be turned off, and I had to leave for a meeting in Charleston, WV, yesterday afternoon around 1:30.]

So it looks like my mileage may be reduced this week, as well as my minutes, since I'm now Ms. Speedy Gonzalez. Meaning my ass probably won't be, but oh, well. Some things are out of my control.

So ws likes orange shoes. I'm beginning to think orange and neon green are the new pink in athletic shoes for women. Last year I had no trouble finding white-trimmed-with-pink or solid white shoes. This year? Not so much.

The meeting I went to was held at a Greek restaurant and I was able to eat fairly healthfully. The gyro meat I ate seemed salty, so I made sure to drink plenty of water. My, my, it was good, though.

Blogger has a new auto-save feature going on, and they probably should have taken the testing just a little bit further. I wasn't able to continue writing when I first published this, and I wasn't able to put the correct time on it. I thought I might have to copy-and-paste it into a new entry. Looks like all is well again, but I forget what other Important Stuff I wanted to say. Heh. So I'll leave you with a wish for a great day.


Jack Sprat said...

Way to go on great food choices and new-shoes-personal-bests! Those are the kinds of things we ought to be happy about, not whether we have the latest gadgets, got the new title at work, or whatever.

New Balance is a great company and I'm glad your new shoes are so speedy. The last two years I've been using various iterations of the Asics Gel Runners and they rock, too.

My question is, do you have more than one pair of running shoes at a time? I decided to buy two pairs and I switch them every other day. It just seemed like a good idea at the time....


ws said...

That's even though they aren't pretty, they are fast.