Monday, January 29, 2007

Workout plan for c-c-cold weather

First, let me say right off the bat how very grateful I am that I'm not required to actually get dressed and leave my house and show up to accomplish my daily tasks. If I have a graphic design job, I can work on it in my own teensy little office, just down the hall from the kitchen. I can wear pajamas if I want to. You folks who go to school or work outside your homes in weather such as what we're having today – it's 10 degrees at 7:30-ish a.m. – are better men and women than I.

And most of the time the "jobs" are of my own making, and I can always put them off until, ahem, later. [You know that Universal Law that says the tasks you have to complete will take the time you have available? That's why making two Valentine's Day cards will take me until February 12. Although I could e-mail them and get two extra days!]

So instead of leaving the warmth of my house today and walking the whole 50 feet to the garage and turning the heat on over there, I might just run in place while I watch Gilad frolic on the beach. Heh.

In yesterday's comments, you may have noticed a cryptic message from M@rla. I had asked her the source for a t-shirt design she has up on the sidebar of her blog, so she left the reply here. I ended up buying two shirts, a grey one and a pink one, both for further half-marathon motivational and inspirational purposes.

Also in yesterday's comments, Jeannie asked if I was still sugar-free. With two exceptions, Jeannie, I am. I still occasionally use that wonderful, fabulous, delicious sugar-free coffee creamer. Perhaps when scientists figure out a practical way to manipulate the insula, other than a head injury, I will be able to free myself from the demon Coffee-Mate.

The other exception, and one I won't even try to give up, are the Viactiv chewable candies nutritional supplements I take each morning. One is calcium and the other is a multivitamin; corn syrup is the first ingredient and sugar is the third. There are three grams of sugar in each 20-calorie square. But I figure the benefit from the calcium and vitamins trumps the sugar. I wouldn't take two big pills [why can't calcium supplements and vitamins come in tiny pills?]. I've tried – the big bottle of Os-Cal that I just tossed expired in August of 2005.

Katherine dropped in yesterday as well. She's doing Project 365 – actually doing it, not just thinking about it or wishing she could do it or waiting for the right moment. I'm inspired anew! Let's see … if I started today it would be Project 337.

And I just love having Jonathan offer his inspiration and motivation and wisdom and insight. I was a little puffed up when I realized that I ran 15 minutes longer than he did on Saturday. But I think he ran two or three more miles than I did. These darned short legs anyway!

Yesterday I rested, utterly. I was still very sore from Saturday's long run, and I probably should have done a little something to get the lactic acid moving. My last total rest day was last Sunday, and even then I shoveled snow. Yesterday I didn't do a damned thing but knit [grey socks in my Comfy Cabled pattern and I finally – finally – started the second Jaywalker] and eat. I even overate, by about 200 calories. I was probably eating when I should have been rowing or lifting weights or walking on the treadmill.

Or running in place while watching Gilad.

Eighty-nine days until race day.

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barbra said...

a comment on Saturday's post... you mentioned carrying "forty-pound bags of water softener salt"... and that last January you couldn't do that.... well... you were carrying those 40 pounds... only it showed differently. Keep up the good work! and... do you still wear your pedometer?