Monday, January 08, 2007

I promised film; will digital do?

This photo represents my own personal wet t-shirt contest. At my age! Scandalous! Even with that sweet little grandmotherly smile I'm sure I would scare little children if they saw me immediately after a running session.

But. I. Did. It!

While my time is nothing to brag about, I'm more interested in just not collapsing in a heap before I reach the distance goal. With my short stature, I'll never be a speed-demon. So it's endurance we're working on.

I did a quarter-mile warm-up at about 3.5 mph, four miles straight at 4.5 mph and then a gradual decline in speed for another quarter-mile. Sixty-one and a half boring treadmill minutes. And as you can clearly see, I was quite a puddle of sweat when I finished.

Today's schedule calls for strength training and stretching, and for once I'm looking forward to both. I'll do a yoga DVD for the stretching.

I also wanted to show you the detritus from the confetti machine shredder we just bought. I still haven't cleaned it up, but that's also on today's agenda. I'm not saying I could have been any neater than Mr. Shrinking Knitter, considering the amount of paper he shredded. But he sure didn't try very hard to hit the trash bag, did he?

He has my work cut out for me. Funny how when he gets on a cleaning, purging, straightening up, organizing kick, I'm the one who gets to clean up the mess. Harumph.

But he's inspired me to empty the yarn closet again. It's been quite a while since I've done it, and each year I find more "What was I thinking?" yarn that I will either sell on eBay or donate to the prison. [The acrylic goes to the prison; that's best for their purposes, as the items they make will all end up being machine-laundered.]

I ate reasonably yesterday and wasn't crawling through the pantry looking for something – anything! – to pig out on late in the day. For most of last year I rarely snacked in the evening, but in the last few months I've been very sloppy about that. I feel like I need to shake myself for picking up that poor habit again.

Last week I weighed myself on Tuesday instead of Monday; I'll keep doing that this year since that's how I started out. I've no idea what to expect, but I'm hopeful! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Kristi said...

Way to go on your run, awesome job!!! Yes, I did have agreat weekend thanks for wishing it for me.

Vickie said...

No particular reason - but I thought you might like this one - have you read all the oldies already - or are they new to you too???

Jack Sprat said...

Debbi: To quote a "moldy oldie" ... you look MAHVELOUS! Anyone who can SMILE after the routine you dragged yourself through has my undying admiration!

Thanks for that bit of persperation ... er INSPIRATION!


Debbi said...

Thanks for all your comments. Vickie, you must be having a ball digging into the Skinny Daily archives. I haven't read all the older posts by any means, so I appreciate you pointing me – and others – to interesting links.

And Jonathan ... you're so funny. I soooo don't look mahvelous when I'm done working out! I look like I'm ready to burst into flame. But you are mahvelous for saying so. I happened to catch an old Billy Crystal stand-up routine the other night in which the Fernando character was featured. Moldy? I don't think so. Heh.

denise said...

Had to comment if for no other reason than to share my word verification ... idoze! I wish! Having a hard time keeping awake today.

However, reading your post certainly perked me up. Wow! That's a great accomplishment. I need a nap just contemplating it. Thought I was doing well to get 30 minutes on the stationary bike this morning, now I feel like a slacker! ;-)

Learned ...relearned knit on Saturday. I decided to set my sights low by starting with a cotton dishcloth. We used to have a lot of relatives who made them, but it doesn't seem like any of them are around anymore, so I guess I'll try to pick up the mantle and carry on the family tradition. It's simple and should have a relatively quick turnaround, so we'll see how it goes...assuming I ever pick it up again!

Keep up the good work, Debbi.

Greta said...

Congratulations on the run! I do think Mr. Shrinking Knitter was messier than necessary with the shredder, but I always have to vacuum after shredding, too.

Kia LaBracke said...

You look fantastic. But I wouldn't want to have to clean up that shredder BS... what the heck???

Lainey said...

Hi Debbie

LOVE the post workout pic. Strangely I was going to do the exact thing the other day to show just how red my face goes!

You're doing a fab job. x