Sunday, January 21, 2007

The oddest referral I've gotten …

so far, anyway.

Friday night/Saturday morning, someone found this post by Googling for "pick your poison drinking game." Since it was 2 a.m., their time, I doubt they were looking for someone talking about recovery from alcohol addiction. Snort. When I was 'in my cups,' Al Gore hadn't yet invented the internet, so I can't say if I would have searched online for the rules of a drinking game.

I seriously doubt it.

That time I showed you my post-workout, red-faced, soaked t-shirt picture got a few hits from people looking for "wet t-shirt." [And this one will probably get some, too, now that I've put those words out there.] I'm the definition of bringin' sexyback, aren't I?

Okay, where's my trophy? Or at least a sling for the arm I broke patting myself on the back. You know how yesterday I said the Runner's World Smart Coach Plan looked too hard? [The way it works is you supply information about your current fitness level, the distance you want to run and the date of the race. Then Smart Coach spits out the perfect training plan for you.] With the data I plugged in, that silly coach told me I had to run seven miles yesterday at a 15:20 pace. Which is walking fast, not really running, unless your legs are short!

Since it was bitterly cold outside, I knew it would be a treadmill workout and I decided to see if I could do it. Seven. Miles. On a treadmill. Plus a warm-up lap and a cool-down one, so a total of 7.5.

My treadmill stops after 99 minutes. I did not know that. I had to go nine more minutes to complete the mileage, and it ended up being a 14:53333333 pace, a little faster than prescribed. I could easily have carried on a conversation the whole time, should anyone have shown up wanting to chat. All body parts are fine and dandy this morning. I took an Aleve before bed, more as a preventive measure, but I probably could have slept fine without it.

Now here's the thing that surprised me more than anything else. I was not hungry the rest of the day. I had cereal with fruit and milk at about 8 a.m., started running at 10 a.m., forced myself to eat some leftover turkey chili with rice at about 1 p.m. and had a vegetable-and-cheese omelette with toast for dinner at 6. I ended up eating far fewer calories than I'm "supposed" to have, but I felt like I ate very well.

The worst part about a long run like that is that you're pretty much done doing anything for the rest of the day. I finished reading Marathoning for Mortals and started in again on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I put down when I bought Sugar Blues.

Now where's that sling again?

Ninety-seven days until race day.


jeannie crockett said...

Hi, there. I'm really enjoying your daily entries. I like having coffee with you in the morning.
I'm doing the half-marathon training with you as well. On MWF, I'm forcing myself to do the strength training (which I find sooooo boring!)
Do you keep the treadmill flat? I'm setting the treadmill at the gym for the hill program--to add variety.
I'm off the gym right now!

Vickie said...

I think that you might have just explained part of the reason (why) so many of us have hunger/WANT issues on the weekend. I thought it was ALL the change of schedule family invasion thing. But for many of us - we get our exercise in during the week (M-F) and then "take the weekend" off from workouts to do family stuff - your comment about not being hungry after a workout - put a light bulb on in my head.
Because - I am hungry - for a MEAL - after a workout - but am not just mindless hungry all day after a workout - and on the weekend that wandering around hungry just looking thing - IS an issue.

Grumpy Chair said...

When I read you were going to do 7 miles on the treadmill, I wandered if your treadmill would stop at 99 minutes. (Mine did too one day when I was trying for 6 miles, and I too, did not know it did that).

You are doing so great, such an inspiration.

P.S. My oddest referral that I get is gr*nny p*nties. Even weirder, it's usually from someone in Brazil (guess all those itsy bitsy underwe*rs grow old over time.)

Lori said...

GC, when I read SK's post, I wondered if it would stop at 99 minutes like yours did!

Yeah for your run. I'm a little slow today/tonight.

I got odd referrals on my mine too. #1 is br@smart b/c I wrote about that commercial and whether someone who is the host of "What N0t to Wear is" g@y or not. How would I know? Why would I only post it on my blog?

It's interesting that you weren't hungry. I wonder why. Not that we should question the ways of the world, mind you.

I am signing up for my marathon as soon as it's open for registration. I will probably be walking it but I'm going to do it.