Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

Here's some X-treme Knitting for you. Not something I'll be taking up anytime soon, either. Well, unless science and medicine figure out a way for middle-aged eyes to get stronger, not weaker.

Speaking of weaker … I'm so lame about lifting weights! What is up with that? I so admire those of you who love it and look forward to it and would rather work out on a weight bench than on a hilly road.

It's just a good darned thing I'm taking 16 weeks to complete my 12-week half-marathon training program. I guess I instinctively knew it would take an extra month to talk myself into following it To The Letter.

According to the plan, cross-training can be swimming, cycling, walking – just about any activity other than running. So I chose to walk, rather than use the rowing machine. I knew my workout would last longer and I would enjoy it more, since I could be outside. [It's sooo unseasonably and delightfully warm here in the Middle of Nowhere!] And then since I was outside and felt so good, I thought I might just run a little, even though cross-training sessions are supposed to be a "rest from running."

I ended up doing four miles in less than an hour, which means I jogged nearly three of them. It felt so good! I was wearing my new training tee, and told Mr. Shrinking Knitter I felt like an athlete. Heh.

He had some weight-lifting planned for me when I got back, in the form of a four-drawer metal filing cabinet which he wanted moved from a storage building to the upper level of the garage. It was far too heavy for him to manage on his own. I got dizzy and felt sick to my stomach trying to help without enough post-run rest, but later we were able to get it into the lower level of the garage. Today we tackle the stairs.

You can see why it was easy for me to forego the barbells and bench, can't you?

How 'bout those Colts? [I heart Peyton.] And those Saints? [The new America's team.] I only wish I could have stayed awake for the entire second game. Heh.

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Greta said...

Oh my gosh I had no idea anybody would or could knit something so tiny and intricate. I loved the dolls dressed in knitted items. GORGEOUS!

I think that you are doing GREAT on the marathon training. Nothing wrong with adding a day of jogging in my opinion. I never knew about rest days when I prepared for a marathon and I ran every day, but I was 30 and indestructible. I know that you will be fine when you do the run.