Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oh, fercryinoutloud

The title of this post is about all the comment I can muster about this new development in anti-obesity pharmaceuticals.


MarilynB said...

I saw that in the morning paper and wouldn't even read it. PHOO!

Same as for less, move more. It is a shame we need to eat less as we age. There should be SOME fun in aging.

Marilyn B. said...

I meant the bear.

It took me two crashes and launching of Safari to post the correction. I sure wish blogger hadn't changed something so we can't post on the Mac easily.

You go girl! Wish I could run along but I've having problems even walking while shopping for furniture and things for the new house. Try to not hit more than two stores in a day. Stupid back!!

M@rla said...

I second that title!

Miss Michele said...

where can i get this drug? i'll try anything. i'll probably start to bark, salivate, and jump on people and start humping