Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One more party!

PastaQueen is celebrating what she's calling her two-year "fat-iversary!" Who will we add to the list next year at this time?

PQ has been a wonderful example for me of staying calm and level-headed amidst the ups and downs of weight loss. She writes well, is very clever and why don't you have her in your Bloglines or Google Reader already?

Speaking of up … that would be my weight this week. After a one-pound loss last week, I'm up two this morning. I can't blame it on anything. I've averaged about 1250 calories/day this week, and I worked out every day except Friday. Maybe it'll go back down again tomorrow.

Prior to starting the half-marathon training, my workouts lasted longer, and that certainly seems to have made a difference. Perhaps I should do the h-m schedule plus an extra mile or two? I just don't know at this point. I know I said yesterday that I'm more focused on the training than on the weight, but I certainly didn't expect to be up two pounds!

That's. Just. Not. Fair.

I lifted weights yesterday – aren't you proud of me? And did yoga, which, as always, is soooo relaxing. I feel some soreness in my shoulders and back, and so will assume I was doing something right.

I played around with my new camera in the afternoon; it is definitely smarter than I am! I was trying to get a close-up of our Bradford pear, which has buds on its branches. Poor thing – those flowers probably won't bloom this spring after the deep freeze we're supposed to get this week. The best of the shots I took was still too blurry to display here, although I did like how the background was completely blurred out. I always had to do that in Photoshop with pictures from my old camera.

Alicia mentioned yesterday's Oprah show on her blog yesterday, which highlighted Bob Greene's new diet book and plan. [Do you s'pose they scheduled that for a holiday Monday on purpose, so those who had the day off could watch?]

way, it seemed to Alicia and to me that Oprah was kind of, um, pushy. I felt some underlying tension. Oprah made a big deal of the photo of Bob with her dogs on the cover of the book – the dogs that he won't allow in his house. Seems they're next-door neighbors, another fact she repeated several times. It was odd. The chemistry they've had in the past just wasn't there yesterday. Perhaps the honeymoon's over? Heh.


Vickie said...

Whenever I change up my exercise AND am even the tiniest bit sore - my weight goes up a pound or two and then comes back down. Hang in there - will get better.

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm the sort of person who likes to think up scenarios of what might be going on (I'm always wrong - but I think my theories are more interesting - ha).

So regarding Bob and Oprah, maybe she is annoyed he can afford to be her next door neighbor. I get the feeling, Oprah likes building people up (In the Kitchen with Rosie - her ex chef; Rachel Ray, Bob Greene and of course Dr. Phil) but may resent their success, "riding on her coattails".

Just my "over active" imagination theory.

Mariah said...

But what about the book? Did you like his ideas? Anything new there?

I've heard bits and pieces but havn't taken the time to really check into it. I'll follow that link right now........

Jack Sprat said...


Okay. Here's the thing. Some days the scale is just wrong. It doesn't happen a lot and its completely unpredictable. But every once in a blue moon, that number is ... just ... wrong.

Let's hope the next weigh-in you do will prove that theory!!


Anne M. said...

Debbi, you're doing all the right things. The scale is what it is - it will all sort itself out. Me, I'm wildly impressed by your workout ethic and faithfulness!

As for the Oprah/Bob thing - yeah, something isn't quite right. My favorite part of the episode was the "grocery store" show and tell of Best Life-approved products.

Kit said...

Hi, Deb. The weight gain could be due to a couple of things. If you're doing more weight training, you're building muscle (muscle weighs more than fat). Also if you change up your workout sometimes that "shocks" the body and it goes "Hey! I think someone's trying to steal my fuel!" and it stores fuel (fat) as a result, but that's usually temporary.

Sounds like you're doing wonderfully on the training - keep at it!